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While Gears of War 4 has endeavoured to push Microsoft's adored franchise into the next generation, developer The Coalition has taken care to service their fans with a familiar landscape and combat style.

But there's one specific combat mechanic that you'll need to become proficient with yet again in order to master Gears of War 4's levelling system, decimate your foes in Horde 3.0 and claim the game's five hardest achievements: Active Reloading. It may have changed a little since the previous generation, but once you come to grips with it there'll be no stopping you!

Gears of War 4: How To Nail Active Reload Every Time

Mastering Active Reloading is essential in Gears of War 4, perhaps more so than in the other games. Not only will it shorten the time between spraying bullets into your opponents face, but it also gives you a generous extra damage boost for a brief period! And who doesn't want that? But in order for Active Reloading to become second nature to you, you'll need a great deal of practice. Try and use it as often as possible and you'll be surprised by how intuitive the timing becomes.

Step One: Locate The Ammo Bar

So, as soon as your clip empties or you hit RB to reload, a small line will start making its way through a bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen, just below your ammo count. It'll pass through two light sections, the first one being duller than the second. Hitting RB in each zone has a different impact on your weapon.

  • Zone 1: Gives your weapon a speed boost, allowing you to unleash a lot more ammo in a short window.
  • Zone 2: Gives your weapon a power boost. So much POWER!

Step Two: Stop The Bar Before The Light Sections

What you need to do is hit RB just before it looks like the line is inside the particular section you're aiming for—though you should always try and get it in the brighter section. Leave it too late and you’ll either jam your weapon or just get the speed boost.

It takes time to get used to, particularly seeing as every weapon's bar moves at a different speed and consecutive Active Reloads make the zones smaller. But once you master the timing you can assert a whole lot more dominance in Gears of War 4 multiplayer. And isn't that all we want from this awesome action game?

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