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It's the modern age of gaming, people, and with that comes the addition of microtransactions and in-game currency systems. So don't go thinking Gears of War 4 will be acting any differently! The game's currency system – lovingly designated Credits – has recently seen a wealth of vitriol from its community.

But now that The Coalition listened to the woes of Gears of War 4's community, regarding the game's tortuous approach to accruing credits, and actually amended that sore spot, now's a better time than ever to figure out how the we get our hands on those sweet creds quick!

How To Earn More Credits In Gears of War 4

Multiplayer Modes

All about that Horde 3.0
All about that Horde 3.0

First things first, you're going to want to jump into Gears of War 4's multiplayer modes as swiftly as possible and get gunning, because regardless of whether you win or lose, you will accrue a nice lump sum of currency. And yes that does apply to Versus mode too, as of the latest patch.

Objective-based modes, like Escalation, are brilliant credit-earners due to the fact that the bigger your score is at the end of the game, the more credits you will receive. You'll still accrue credits in Deathmatch modes, albeit slightly less.

Bounty Cards

Bounty cards
Bounty cards

A shiny new addition to Gears lore, you'd be right to think that Versus and Horde mode Bounty cards would only up your XP, but, thank the heavens, they even give you a little taste of sweet creds – depending on each card's reward.

Similar to Call of Duty's challenges, Bounty cards will gift you XP or credits after you've completed a particular challenge, like say... 100 headshots, or something along those lines.

Bounty cards are consumable, meaning that as soon as you've passed their requirements, they'll disappear into the ether. So you can feel free to move onto a different card, just in case you're stuck on a tough one, and feasibly work toward getting those credits by picking a challenge that suits your skillset.

What To Spend Your Credits On

Oh look, a shiny!
Oh look, a shiny!

Now comes the fun part: spending your hard earned credits. The whole point of accruing credits is to get your hands on Gear Packs, and you can do this by via the means of micro-transactions (boo!) or credits (yay!), or scrapping unwanted cards. Gear Packs contain:

  • Skill Cards: Which give major boosts to your skillset, and can be combined to make you an even more effective killing machine.
  • Bounty Cards: As mentioned above are tricky challenges for Versus and Horde modes that will gift you additional XP or credits.
  • Cosmetic Cards: That unlock weapon skins, character skins and emblems.

There are four different types of Gear Packs you can get your mitts on, and they are:

Versus Booster Pack

400 credits | $0.99

Which contains:

  • Five Versus Bounty cards

Horde Booster Pack

400 credits | $0.99

Which contains:

  • 4 Horde Skill cards
  • 1 Horde Bounty card

Operations Pack

1000 credits | $1.99

Which contains:

  • 1 Cosmetic card
  • 4 Bounty cards

Elite Pack

3500 credits | $4.99

Which contains:

  • 5 Cosmetic cards

Now the thing with the Elite Pack is that it is guaranteed to contain either one rare prize. So the super-awesome Elite Pack should have become less lucrative and hard to get now that its price has been reduced by 500 Credits!

Now stop dilly dallying and head back to the battlefield! Let's get those cogs turning, you buncha badasses!

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