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Gears of War 4, Microsoft's long anticipated Xbox One shooter, has arrived and with it the franchise's newest addition: Gear Packs. Character skins, cosmetic tweaks and class skills are now earned through Cards acquired by opening Gear Packs. These Gear Packs can be purchased with Credits -- an in-game currency you earn by playing multiplayer -- or real money.

Although the Cards contained within these precious packs are randomized, they are guaranteed to give you certain types of rewards. So before you start spending your hard earned cash (or credits), check out our Gear Pack guide below to find out what you're in for.

On the Cards

Cards unlock items which are graded based on the probability of finding that item within a particular Gear Pack, ranging from Common to Legendary. Rarity is color-coded for your convenience:

  • Common - Green
  • Rare - Blue
  • Epic - Purple
  • Legendary - Gold

Naturally, rarer cards are harder to find, but more likely to be powerful or desirable.

What You Will Find In Gear Packs

  • Characters – For use in Horde or Versus. Apart from new characters, there are also custom versions of the main characters in Gears of War 4.
  • Weapon Skins – Unlocks a skin for a particular weapon. As a new feature in Gears of War 4, you can now customize the appearance of Power Weapons when acquired from a spawn point on the battlefield.
  • Emblems – Personalize your ID in Gears of War 4. Emblems show behind your username in lobbies and scoreboards.
  • Bounties – Versus and Horde Bounties provide challenges which award XP or Credit rewards upon completion. Bounties are available until successfully completed, so as to allow for multiple attempts.
  • Horde Equipment and Abilities – Gameplay tweaks for Horde classes. See our detailed guide.

Unpacking the Gear

The Gear Packs come in 4 different themes: Versus Booster Pack, Horde Booster Pack, Operations Pack, and Elite Pack. Each contains different types of loot.

Versus Booster Pack

  • Costs: 400 Credits or $0.99
  • Contains: Five bounty cards available in versus.

Horde Booster Pack

  • Costs: 400 Credits or $0.99
  • Contains: Four horde skills and one horde bounty.

Operations Pack

  • Costs: 1000 Credits or $1.99
  • Contains: One cosmetic item (e.g. character, weapon skin) and four random bounty cards

Elite Pack

  • Costs: 3500 Credits or $4.99
  • Contains: Five cosmetic items with one guaranteed rare or higher

Credits for multiplayer matches are given whether you win or lose, though winning will yield higher XP and Credit returns. It's also important to note that only cosmetic content can be used in versus, you can't gain a competitive edge against other players with these cards.

As you level up by playing online, you’ll also earn additional Gear Packs, Credits and Bounties as bonuses when you reach certain milestones in your journey to level 100.

Post your rare bounties below!


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