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The golden days of the Xbox 360 have returned, gaming friends. A new Gears of War is out in the world and critics and fans alike are delighted to be showering it with praise. Gears of War has grown to be a 1 billion dollar franchise since its 2006 debut, boasting over 45 million players. We can only see these numbers rising thanks to Gears of War 4's engaging campaign and stupendous multiplayer modes.

But we all know what we really wanted from Gears of War 4: Horde 3.0.

So, now that we've taught you how to endure the madness of Gears of War 4's exceptional take on the classic Horde mode in the most efficient way possible, it's time to see where all your hard work gets you. After all, Horde 3.0 is no walk in the park and you need all the help you can get. Especially as you'll have to beat Horde on every map to earn one of Gears of War's hardest achievements.

Gears of War 4: Reach Level 50 & Bask In The Madness Of Horde 3.0

There are plenty of gamers among us who have already managed to battle their way to the top in Horde 3.0, and all of them would share this bit of wisdom: stay together. Bunch up with your teammates in order to make revivals nice and easy. Stray from the pack and you can guarantee you'll be greeted with a grenade to the face.

Here's what you can anticipate in Wave 50:

  • Enemy Health is at x2.5
  • Enemy Accuracy is at x2.5
  • Damage Received is at 2.5

Below you can see how the YouTube channel WikiGameGuides took on this challenging wave on one of the greatest Gears maps there is.

Impressive and chaotic to say the least.

With 5 Classes to level up (Engineer, Heavy, Scout, Sniper, Soldier), each class having its own skill cards to level up (like how the sniper has a +20% headshot damage card, explosive headshots and increased ammo capacity with precision rifles), up to 5 players and plenty 'o Bounties (like getting 500 kills in 1 match for bonus XP), this has become the ultimate Horde mode for multiplayer. In order to get to where WikiGameGuides managed to, you'll need to strategically level up you team to compliment one another.

Here's another way of going about getting to level 50. Spoiler alert: it involves a shed load of turrets!

How much longer do you think it'll take before we see someone complete wave 50 on their own? Cause that would be something to behold, friends. Check out this lad doing just that in Gears of War 2. Those graphics, huh?

With Snatchers, Swarm Grenadiers, Swarm Drones, Scion Mulchers, Scion Buzzkills and Scion Dropshots to take on with a few other bosses on some of Gears of War 4's other maps, level 50 in Horde 3.0 is no walk in the park. But we have faith in you. Good luck.

Have you managed to reach level 50 in Gears of War 4?


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