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Subtle, isn't it? Yes, #Steam has dived headfirst into the land of weird with Genital Jousting. On appearances alone this game is bizarre beyond belief, like Mario Party with phallic objects rather than cute little cartoon characters.

We thought things got a little strange when we took a journey into the world of goat and surgery simulation, but Steam seems insistent on redefining what can be simulated and what thusly we can determine to be a fun game. But with Genital Jousting, instead of manipulating a goat or a steady scalpel, you control a cartoon anus that's attached to a pair of testicles and a rather generously sized penis. What's not to like?

Stiff Competition

Despite this game being wholeheartedly unique, Steam's subset of simulators has been ever growing. It seems that there's a simulator for almost everything in life. From #TheSims to #FarmingSimulator there's something for everybody out there.

So who is this game designed for? I'd say someone who is just after a bit of lighthearted fun, which we could all use right now.

Developer Devolver Digital describes the game like so:

Players control a detached penis complete with testicles and an anus in a variety of game modes, each featuring a stimulating orgy of objectives: Penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible or compete in absurd, silly and sexually suggestive games and challenges.

To summarize, there are mini games of sorts, but the ultimate goal is to get the penis in the butt. Simple enough, really.

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Press Up To Consent

If this game was marketed anywhere other than Steam it would instantly be banned. The content is as far away from child friendly as possible, yet I can see it appealing to the audience that use Steam. It's silly and looks fun to play if you don't take it too seriously.

If you don't have any friends who like the idea of chasing each other with cartoon penises, then there are plenty of online lobbies available for likeminded gamers. The traditional game type can hold up to eight players (with a minimum of three) and is simple enough. Each player has to consent before gameplay, which is a nice touch.

Evan Greenwood, director of Free Lives, the studio behind the title, told Kill Screen:

“A lot of the early design decisions involved drawings of penises, figuring out things like ball to shaft ratio, butthole attraction force, and the weight of balls needed to make penetration take just the right amount of challenge.”

With regards to the lack of female genitalia in the game, Greenwood explained:

“Making penises abject and silly works well because masculinity is so often portrayed as powerful and successful. That same joke doesn’t translate perfectly to vaginas.”

Certainly after the recent genitalia-related controversy caused by #Watchdogs2, it may be best to steer away from the female anatomy for a while. Greenwood's goal in creating the game was about "making penises abject and silly." He essentially wanted to break the stereotypes of masculinity and have a joke. I'd say it's worked quite well.

In a year that has been rather miserable in terms of world news and celebrity deaths, maybe a game revolved around playing with cartoon penises is the pick-me-up we all need.

Genital Jousting is now available on Steam. Check out the gameplay below.

Ever noticed how some video games look nothing like their trailers?

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