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Splatoon 2 is slated for the Nintendo Switch later this month, and Splatoon fans are already eager to get their hands on their first Splatfest.

They won't have to wait long, either. Nintendo is planning to give fans a taste of the game's multiplayer gameplay ahead of time with an official demo.

During July 15th, fans will be able to participate in a Splatfest contest from 3 PM PT to 7 PM PT, giving players across the world an exclusive chance to sample and compete with each other, even if they aren't planning to buy Splatoon 2 quite yet.

As always, this Splatfest will have a theme to it, too. Players will choose between cake or ice cream and battle it out to see who scores the most wins.

For fans of the original Splatoon, however, Callie and Marie won't be coming back to host Splatfest. Instead, Nintendo has introduced two brand new inklings to host Splatfest: Pearl and Marina, part of the pop band duo Off The Hook.

The two look gorgeous, and we're excited to see what kind of charm they'll bring to Splatfest. In the meantime, if you missed the Nintendo Direct, feel free to check it out above and learn more about Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch.

'Splatoon 2' Is A New Beast Of A Multiplayer Game

[Source: Nintendo]
[Source: Nintendo]

The original Splatoon was championed as a solid multiplayer title for the Wii U, bringing on competitive third-person shooter action billed as both easy to learn but difficult to master. But while an eSports scene grew around Splatoon, Nintendo didn't exactly foster an in-depth and complicated online system to support the game's competitive players.

Splatoon was pretty minimal in nature when it came to its competitive side. The game didn't even come with any voice chat options. But Nintendo is changing Splatoon 2's competitive side with SplatNet 2, a mobile smartphone app part of the Nintendo Switch Online mobile program.

SplatNet 2 comes with a variety of features that were missing from the original Splatoon. Players can use the app to check out stage schedules, player statistics, create private lobbies, and chat with their friends outside of the game. The Nintendo Switch Online app will launch with Splatoon 2, too, just in time for the game's release.

[Source: Nintendo]
[Source: Nintendo]

Of course, SplatNet 2 doesn't just provide a huge range of features that were previously missing from the original Splatoon. It also gives competitive teams the tool set they need to work closely together in-game. Voice chat, for instance, lets eSports teams practice across the internet without relying on a third-party solution to keep in touch. And groups that need to practice in a private game can do so easily thanks to SplatNet 2.

It's clear that Nintendo wants players to get a taste of Splatoon 2 competitive play with Splatfest, in the hopes that SplatNet 2 will convince professional players that Splatoon 2 is a serious eSports title. We won't know for certain how Nintendo's multiplayer Switch title fares with the competitive gaming community at large, but for now, Nintendo is making steps in the right direction.

Which side will you choose for the Splatoon 2 Splatfest: cake or ice cream? Share your choice in the comments below.


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