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If you played through Final Fantasy XV, then you experienced a gorgeous open-world, an endearing cast, enjoyable combat—and a story that was undeniably riddled with plot-holes.

The later of these isn't as bad as some may think, but it still left much to be desired. Figuring out the story has become the obsession of the fan community. With the release of Episode Gladiolus, fans will have plenty of new material to work through.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

Releasing on March 28th, Episode Gladiolus will have fans play as Noctis's royal bodyguard as he teams up with the enigmatic Cor Leonis. Players will travel to a new location and experience exhilarating action gameplay as Gladio attempts to take on the trial of Gilgamesh.

You can check out the trailer below:

Episode Gladiolus's Place In The Story Is Obvious

Ravus vs. Gladio [Credit: Square Enix]
Ravus vs. Gladio [Credit: Square Enix]

At the end of Chapter 6, after the Noctis and Co reach Cape Caem, Gladio leaves the party for an unknown reason—to which I mumbled under my breath while playing, "insert Gladio DLC here". I was right, Episode Gladiolus takes place during his time away from Noctis, to which fan-favorite joined as a guest party member.

The reason for Gladio leaving has been reveled in the trailer to be his encounter with Ravus in which Gladio tells Cor "I went up against the High Commander and got my ass handed to me." Making the whole purpose behind his expedition with Cor about becoming more powerful to protect Noctis.

Episode Gladiolus Is Already Confirming Fan Theories

Ifrit vs. Bahamaut [Credit: Square Enix]
Ifrit vs. Bahamaut [Credit: Square Enix]

If you've been an active member of the fan community then you've probably encountered what's been arguably the most convincing fan theory. The theory posted by Reddit user "perona77" (which is so well thought out you should go read the full thing) states that Pitioss Ruins, the game's nightmare platforming dungeon which will make you cry without a proper guide, is actually the equivalent of a Greek Tragedy.

Throughout the dungeon there are various statues placed throughout, according to the theory these statues are here on purpose and tell the story of Ifrit as he tried to save his love, the Goddess Eos as she was imprisoned in the Underworld by the other Gods.

According to the theory Ifrit tried to save her and fought back against the Gods A.K.A. the Hexatheon and ultimately died – yeah it's a bit of a deep dive but convincing to fans familiar with the lore. Not to mention there does seem to be a story behind Pitioss.

The point is fans knew there was more to the story of Ifrit and with a single loading screen part of this theory has been confirmed.

Loading Screen in 'Episode Gladiolus' [Credit: Square Enix]
Loading Screen in 'Episode Gladiolus' [Credit: Square Enix]

The new loading screen states that Ifrit, God of Fire, died fighting the Hexatheon atop Mount Ravatough, which is a volcano the player can explore via side-quests. In other words part of the this theory is confirmed so now how much more?

How Does This All Relate?

Concept Art for 'Episode Gladiolus' [Credit: Square Enix]
Concept Art for 'Episode Gladiolus' [Credit: Square Enix]

As stated, Final Fantasy XV is a game riddled with plot-holes. We know there was a war among the Gods, and we know something happened to Gladio when he left the party and came back with a new scar in Chapter 8. There's a number of missing story pieces and appears to be giving us more than we thought we would see in the new DLC.

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The trailer also gives us some new questions to ask but unlike the main game I'm sure we can all expect answers through playing the DLC.

What the hell's up with Cor?! Gladio is seen fighting him at the end of the trailer. We know Cor's still alive because we see him say goodbye to Nocits and Co before they set off to Altissia. Likelihood is he's being possessed, but then who gave Gladio his new scar, Cor or Gilgamesh?

There's Still More To The Story

Prompto in the teaser for his own DLC Episode [Credit: Square Enix]
Prompto in the teaser for his own DLC Episode [Credit: Square Enix]

Square Enix's producers have already confirmed the end of the DLC will lead into the next DLC, Episode Prompto arriving in June.

But Square has been working on more than just DLC. In addition to Episode Gladiolus, March 28 marks a significant update to the now-infamous Chapter 13 of the main storyline. With this, there will be a playable segment that will have fans again playing as Gladio as he searches for Noctis. In addition we'll see more of Ravus and Niflheim Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt.

With Episode Gladiolus on the way along with more updates to the base game, fans of the latest Final Fantasy will have plenty to talk about and speculate for a while. Hopefully through all these additions the whole of Final Fantasy XV's story and lore will be revealed.

Are you excited for Episode Gladiolus and more Final Fantasy XV? Lets us know in the comments.


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