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The GM48 is a quarterly game jam that has been going for almost 21 jams. The developers are challenged to use the GameMaker engine to create a game in just 48 from scratch.

The rules are quite strict, but some of these games have shown potential and have been quite polished. Below are the top 7 games that have been made for this jam!

Highway Rampage

is an endless car driving game where you are trying to destroy as much as you can. As you are driving around, you will see other enemy cars and people on the road. You can kill the people with a single shot. However, cars are a bit more trouble — they throw out bombs and take quite a few hits. You can use your missiles to destroy cars in one hit, but you have a very limited amount of them; or you can ram smaller motorcycles with your car.

Anything you destroy will explode in a pile of scrap that you can drive your car over to collect.It basically works as a form of currency, and you can drive into lorries to purchase upgrades using the scrap. These upgrades will really help you to survive longer in this challenging game; they vary from health, to improvements on your vehicle, or even more missiles! Check out Highway Rampage and see how long you can survive.

Moon and Sun

is a slightly creepy game where you find yourself watching a battle happen between two brothers; the Sun and the Moon. These two faces interact with each other at the beginning of each level, though it is very strange listening to them talk. After they have bickered, you get to play the level. It seems like the Sun has scrambled that you must move around on in each level.

You are slowly bleeding out as you move around the level, leaving a trail behind you. This trail is a good indicator of where you have been, though it may not help you get to new places. Sometimes it may look like a wall lies ahead of you, however,walking into it will bring you to a new tile! You do have an end point in the level, but it won’t be easy to find. If you are up for the challenge, or want to discover what these two brothers are on about, check out the game.

Brain on the Junkyard

is a platformer where you are using your jumping panels to slam aliens into metal grates! You are a brain in a jar who is currently trapped in a junkyard. Everything was fine and well, until the Aliens started appearing in the area.

You feel the need to defend your junkyard from these invaders. To do this, you can stand on launchpads and use them to launch all of the other launchpads in the level temporarily upwards. The specific launchpad that you are standing on will not only launch the aliens on the other pads up, but will also propel you into the environment around you. If you smash your head into anything, you will die.

The aliens, like you, will also die when launched into metal beams. You can also guide them to holes in scaffolding to destroy them. If the aliens do make it to their exit portal they will come back even stronger, so make sure you defeat them as soon as possible. Download the game and your junkyard for as long as possible!

Floor 62

is a murder mystery game that has you playing detective to a case in which the late, wealthy, Mr. Jerry Corpus was living in a hotel room when he was murdered. There are six different suspects; his wife, the cook, the maid, the hotel receptionist, and two people claiming to be his friends.

You are able to walk around his hotel room to collect evidence and suss out any strange things in the home. Once you have undertaken a thorough investigation, you are able to question suspects regarding your discoveries. Each of these suspects have a breaking point where they will tell you some more sensitive information and useful hints to help you solve the case.

You will need to be careful with the evidence you present to each suspect, as some of them will have a negative response and others will have no effect aside from making it harder to reach the point at which they crack. There are several endings to this game — including some endings that involve other suspects bribing you and influencing your opinion. See which ending you get by playing the game here.


is a one of a kind shooter where you need to collect ammo from your enemies! You are controlling a ship with very limited ammo. The only advantage you possess against the enemies advancing towards you is your slow-mo mode. You must use this mode to collect the bullets that your enemies shoot so you have more ammo!

Your slow-mo ability is extremely limited in duration (and counts as your health), as shown by a bar on the bottom of the screen, so you will need to choose your moments wisely. You will need to use the bullets you have at a normal pace, especially if your time slowing ability runs out, as it takes a while to build back up. This adds tons of challenge to the game, forcing you to plan out when you should be using your slow-mo ability and when you will need to collect more bullets.

On top of that, you are also rewarded with extra points if your ship is on low health or close to destruction. You can see this unique game for yourself by visiting its site.

Trench Raider

is a side-scrolling shooter that puts you in the middle of the enemy’s trench! You are currently in the heart of a battle when you made the decision to jump into the enemy’s trench in order to surprise them. The fall was far greater than you expected, so you are now down to your last slither of health.

You must press on however, gunning down any enemy in your path. To help create some cover, you can kick crates forwards, or hide behind bags of sand. Some enemies shoot back at you, others use different guns or maybe flamethrowers, some even throw bombs. Once they have fallen from your withering fire, you can sometimes pick up their old gun and carry on with it.

Enemies become increasingly stronger as you move further into the trenches, so you need to keep up with the ever growing intensity of the firefights. From time to time, there are some checkpoints you can activate, making your death not so punishing.

When you do die, you will be presented with a seemingly random medal of honor before deciding to go back into the battle! Can you make it through the enemy lines? Try for yourself.

Asteroid Rage

has you playing as an asteroid, with the goal of smashing into oncoming human space ships as a form of revenge! Humans have been building in space, your space! They have been destroying your people, and leaving fragments of trash floating around.

You are a sentient asteroid who is filled with rage and anger directed at the humans for what they have done! Now you will fight back! Now you will have revenge! When you ram into oncoming space ships, it can cause them to crash into others nearby. Destroy as many as you can in an epic chain reaction of explosions.

Some explode at their present location, others whirl around violently before dying, making which enemies you destroy matter in a significant way. You are able to line up your asteroid for its attack before slamming it into the ships. Once you make contact with the enemy ships, your control over your asteroid ends.

Don’t worry though, you get to watch the chaos unfold! During this time, a countdown begins, that displays the amount of time you have remaining to gather enough points, from the chaotic fireworks display, in order to complete the level. Each round has a different pattern the ships travel in, making each one increasingly challenging. Play this game for yourself and enjoy the feeling of destroying everything around you!

The GM48 is still going on quarterly throughout the year! The next jam is in April. You can find out more info about this game jam here.


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