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Ah Nintendo, how you've impacted my life. Now that those of us in the states are less than 2 weeks away from one of the most pivotal and stressful elections in US history, leave it to to give us a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the . This was basically the internet's reaction:

And can I be the first to say that this console looks INSANE! I mean seriously, it's changing the game already.

This Is a Very Stressful Election, So Nintendo Just Wants Us To Be Excited About Games

Seriously, holla at Nintendo for dropping it after the debate to make life seem a little more bearable for now.

Politics suck. Especially American politics. But you know what doesn't suck? Getting a glimpse of the most anticipated console of 2017!

The Nintendo Nintendo Switch looks awesome, and even better, it shows up right after most of us in the USA realize we might just almost elect a maniac into our highest office...

Can we just elect Reggie president?
Can we just elect Reggie president?

Once March 2017 comes, we'll have a new president, some new senators, and a few new representatives; but you know what will actually matter? Whether or not you're the first of your friends to get this amazing console!

In March 2017 We'll Have a New President and a New Nintendo Console

Do you just want this election season to be over? Are you gonna get a Nintendo Switch once it's released? Let us know in the comments!

or election season!
or election season!


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