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You might think it's Out of Touch to see Four Little Diamonds jump in a car, exercise a degree of Self Control and then Kiss the Dirt in a back alley following a botched hand over, but, Call Me Old Fashioned, I live for this stuff—especially when it's been remastered.

P.S. Yes, they were all song titles from Flash FM in Vice City.

P.P.S. Yes, I was referring to the opening of Vice City and the fact that it's just been remastered.

P.P.P.S. You should watch it now.

GTA: Vice City Never Looked So Fine

With GTA V being its usual crazy self and its VR short movie having recently taken us all by storm, there's been a resurgence of love for Rockstar's latest masterpiece. However, as the YouTube account Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the '80s just confirmed, some things will never top Vice City.

Looking mighty fine, GTA. Mighty fine. Have some screenshots, ya'll.

If a remaster was made, would I pay $60 to play it? What do you think!

How much do you want a Vice City remaster?

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