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It's been about a day since the we've seen the newly announced Pokémon Sun & Moon's new Alola Forms for older, Gen 1 Pokémon. We've seen Ice Vulpix & Fairy Ninetales, Ice/Steel Alola versions of Sandshrew and Sandslash, and - of course - we've also seen the new Grass/Dragon Exeggutor.

And, man, Exeggutor has now become the best derplord Pokémon in franchise history.

For the unaware, this is what Exeggutor now looks like

Source: The Pokemon Company
Source: The Pokemon Company

And she's so pleased about the change to Dragon type

The internet, naturally, jumped to welcome the new dragon

Now that Exeggutor is a Dragon type, she can hang with the cool kids –

Source: appletail
Source: appletail

– And be used in Hanzo's ultimate in Overwatch

Source: freakinasheet on Tumblr
Source: freakinasheet on Tumblr

Some wonder why other very dragon-y Pokémon aren't Dragon type while Exeggutor is

Of course, if Charizard was a REAL dragon, this is what it'd look like

Some are convinced that all Alola Form Pokémon will be Dragon types

Which would be cool, because Alola Exeggutor knows how to rock

Look at these sweet moves

Damn son

What an absolute madman

There are even reports that you can now get Alola Exeggutor in Pokémon GO!


How many Dragon Exeggutors will you have on your team?


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