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We've seen many great strategic games pop up over the years, such as Mass Effect, Bravely Default and Fire Emblem. Each of these games has something special that makes it stand out for the unique experience it delivers.

, an indie developer, had the idea to take these elements and combine them in an attempt to create a game that features the best of what RPGs have to offer — and that game is Graywalkers: Purgatory.

Create your hero

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where your fully customized hero battles both angels and demons in a quest to save the planet. To do this, you must recruit many allies, all of whom feature uncommon characteristics, backstories and are of different races.

Your hero could be human or a hybrid, which is typically a mix of human with werewolf, vampire, angel or demon. Each of these races have unique advantages and disadvantages that result in a wide range of options for your character.

Along with the individual races, each character has its own path that functions like a character's class or job in other RPGs, such as FinalFantasy or MassEffect. According to the official Graywalkers: Purgatory website:

"Paths" are the equivalent to classes in typical RPGs. Choose a path to take such as the magic-wielding Arcanist, the weapon master Armsmen, the stealthy Agents, the spiritually blessed Diviners, the firearms expert Soldiers, the hand-to-hand specialist Martialist, the perceptive Scouts, the versatile Adventurers, the intelligent Techs, and the lucky Survivors.

So Every Character Is Unique?

Yup, every individual within the game comes with a backstory that works as the motivation for their actions. Since all the characters are unique, it's important to choose a team carefully, as some of the characters might not cooperate well with others and are likely to end up harming themselves.

This requires you to really study the player in the game, which means you can't just pick a few that you like and throw them out into battle. Fire Emblem features similar mechanics, where some characters have a better affinity to work with certain allies. The only difference is that while features characters that cooperate better than others, Graywalkers: Purgatory features characters that hinder one another, which presents its own set of consequences should you choose poorly.

So It's Turn Based, But I Can Do More Than One Action?

The gameplay is similar to the turn-based strategy video games, where your units move in a grid and use a variety of weapons to take out the enemy. The way in which the characters move around is very similar to what you can find on an X-Com game.

You have your characters all in a grid sporting a unique arsenal of weaponry. You move them around until you're in a position to attack, or use more strategic methods to lure the enemy to you. Either way, the game features mechanics that allows for a wide variety of strategies.

What makes this game so unique is that instead of just one action per character, per turn, your players can build up action points and each action you take uses a certain amount of those points, much like with Bravely Default, the only difference being that you get to move your characters around in combat. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

The Story Has Many Different Options

While the objective is to drive away the demons, how you do that is up to you. You'll need to build up an army big enough to combat the enemy forces, but you can also pick and choose who you recruit. The game features different factions who have their own goals and who act independently of you and each other. So with each choice you make, it has a knock-on effect of how each faction will react and therefore makes each playthrough of the game a unique experience. So, like Mass Effect, when you make a decision at any point in the game, it can effect what happens further down the line. Be careful.

The game has a lot of elements taken from different RPGs that are not normally seen together within one game. By combining these aspects, Graywalkers: Purgatory will offer the best of strategy games, while presents its own unique take on this genre.

The Kickstarter

Fully funded and even a few stretch goals are met
Fully funded and even a few stretch goals are met

If you want to see more about this game, check out the Kickstarter. The funding for this title is finished, and the game has fortunately managed to meet its goal, but you can still donate and help it reach some of its stretch goals that include more races, paths, vehicles and even a home console release. So far there is no set release date, but the game is still in production and the plan is to release it in early 2017. With 2016 quickly winding down, be sure to keep an eye out for Graywalkers: Purgatory.

Get a feel for it with the background trailer below.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Genre: Roleplaying

Release date: TBD

Developer: Dreamlords Digital

Does Graywalkers: Purgatory appear to be a game that any RPG fan will enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.


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