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Everyone is getting ready for Halloween and video games are no exception. With games like Overwatch throwing on a new layer of skin and Pokémon GO becoming more ghastly by the minute, all our favorite properties are showing us how to celebrate on these cold October nights. Naturally, our beloved Grand Theft Auto 5 will be joining in on the festivities.

Will you be jumping into GTA: Online over the Halloween weekend? There are plenty of goodies awaiting you!

Celebrate Halloween In Style With GTA V


GTA V will be kicking off its celebrations on Friday October 28 and extending them till October 31. During this time you'll be able to pick up a new version of the LCC Sanctus motorcycle adorned with a red-eyed skull, which you can see in the header image above. Along with this bike, the various vehicles and themes that were present during last year's event will also be returning, and Rockstar will announce more on Friday.

New Mode

Along with these new vehicular delights, a new Lost vs. Damned mode will be added to the game. In this battle of wits, teams of devils and angels will have to fight for dominance on an ever changing battlefield. The mode comes with a day/night cycle that transitions every 60 seconds. The devils will appropriately be awarded increased armor and health as well as better loadouts during the night, while the angels receive the same treatment during the day. This should be an interesting watch.


Additionally, for simply logging in during this time, GTA V players will be awarded $250,000 in in-game currency. Not too bad at all. But this is not only the time to celebrate Halloween, it's GTA's birthday!

GTA V was released in October 2013, so in order to celebrate that legacy it currently offers discounts on content from the game's first three years. The image above details all of the vehicles you'll be able to grab at a reduced rate up until November 7. Happy hunting.

So what are you waiting for everyone? Grand Theft Auto V awaits!

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