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The immense world of GTA 5 is filled with secrets, unsolved mysteries and awesome easter eggs. There's plenty of secretive UFO activity going on in Blaine County, Big Foot is hiding somewhere near Raton Canyon and an alien is frozen solid beneath the ice in Ludendorff in North Yankton.

And that's just scratching the surface. Rockstar Games has always been keen on intertextual references, not only to their own, earlier games, but to pop culture and social phenomenons.

Take A Deep Breath And Discover The Ocean Secrets of GTA 5

This ugly guy is found Ludendorff, North Yankton during the first mission, Prologue.
This ugly guy is found Ludendorff, North Yankton during the first mission, Prologue.

While most of the game's secrets are located on dry land, there's plenty to discover for more seafaring players, as the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the state of San Andreas, holds more than a few secrets in .

So if you feel like going adventuring, read on as we dive into the most mysterious things you can find in the obscure, aquatic places of the game.

The... Hatch!

Anybody who remembers the classic and profoundly confusing J.J. Abrams' TV series 'Lost' from 2004 will nod in recognition of the hatch. It was a plot element in the first seasons of the series that effectively established the mystery and wickedness of the island on which the show's main characters had been stranded.

In GTA 5, there's a hatch as well. It's located to the far east of the map, over the coast near the San Chianski Mountain Range, on the bottom of the ocean. It's so deep down you can't get close to it in a regular game, though you can get near enough to hear a strange tapping sound and see the light turn on and off on the inside.

Some guy deciphered the tapping sound, which is apparently Morse code. It says, "hey, you never call, how do you fancy go bowling?" which is a reference to GTA 4's Roman Bellic, who'd literally call you anytime asking you to hit the lanes.

Eight Dead Guys In Plastic

The Infinity Killer a.k.a. Merle Abrahams killed eight male joggers in Los Santos during the late '90s. Though the bodies were never recovered by the police, you're able to find them as a player by solving the mystery of the Infinity Murders.

Reading the clues left in various locations around San Andreas will eventually lead you to the archipelago off the coast of Paleto Bay in the northernmost part of the State. Here, beneath the sea, you'll find eight corpses wrapped in plastic, resting on the sea floor. Remember to bring your scuba gear if you want to take a look, as the bodies are somewhat deep underwater.

When You're All Out: The $25.000 Briefcase

Sometimes you're just broke in GTA 5. Yeah, I know, most people probably aren't, but for some of us holding onto money is just hard. Luckily, there's a pretty easy way to grab some cash.

Head out to the most northern part of Del Perro Beach, grab a water scooter and sail out some hundred feet. Dive in, locate the sunken submarine and grab the $25.000 suitcase lying near the hatch.

There's a lot of Hidden Packages containing cash in GTA 5, but this one contains the most of any of them. For the location of all of them, check out this video.

Some Alien Crashed His UFO In The Ocean

Things are really going on off Paleto Bay. Not only is this where we found the eight bodies of dead joggers, but it is also where a huge flying saucer has crash landed. More precisely it is located just north of Procopio Beach and a few yards east of the large peninsula.

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The UFO appears to have been submerged for quite some time as it is covered in plant life, debris and corals. Although largely intact, the UFO shows some signs of damage, most likely the result of the initial impact of the crash.

A glitch allows the nimble, scuba-diving player to actually check out the interior of the spaceship. And though there isn't much to see on the inside, it's definitely worth a look.

Great Whales Died Here

There's been some confusion about the whale skeletons that are spread across the seabed of San Andreas State. Apparently, a lot of people didn't quite realize exactly what a whale skeleton looks like and as such mistook the bones for the earthly remains of great sea monsters.

Which is of course a better and more interesting story, though it's probably, and sadly, false. Both the size and look of the bones match those of a regular, real life whale.

There are three skeletons like these to be found in GTA 5 and the one easiest to reach is located west of Banham Canyon.

The Place Where The Military Dumps Trash

Straight east of the Humane Labs and Research facility in the San Chianski Mountain Range there's some strange ocean activity going on. If you bring your Submersible and scour the dark waters, you'll discover what seems like some kind of military graveyard.

There are trucks, tanks, missiles and cargo lying on the seabed, and most of it looks to have been there for a long time. Also, the style of the vehicles indicate that they're pretty old, as they almost look like something from World War 2. Perhaps this is the place where the military dumps all of their outdated equipment?

The Underwater Wildlife Safari

Rockstar Games really did a job on the diversity of the sea creatures of GTA 5. When swimming around in shallow waters, you'll find anything from schools of various fish to stingrays and starfish, while deeper waters will introduce you to more dangerous and fascinating creatures.

There are bull sharks, great whites and hammerheads prowling the Pacific Ocean side by side with more peaceful animals like dolphins and killer whales. And if you venture even further out you might be able to find the rare, majestic and singing humpback whales.

A Great Nuclear Submarine

Off the coast of Mount Gordo we find a huge, broken-in-half submarine that seems to be of the nuclear variety. At least it looks like it could carry some really big ass missiles and fire them out of the top.

Unfortunately, it looks like all the missiles have been removed, which means you can't try to poke a hole in them with your sub-machine gun or rocket launcher. It's too bad really, since it could be quite interesting to try and set off a nuclear bomb in GTA 5.

The Truth Is Out There

Scientists predict we have only explored 5 percent of the ocean in our real world, which is an intimidating thought. The great blue waters of the world are so vast and mysterious it's hard to comprehend. And the ocean of GTA 5 is not much different; it's big and scary, and we're sure it holds a lot more secrets than the ones we've mentioned here.

Do you know of any other hidden ocean secrets in GTA 5? Let us know!

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