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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I dunno about you, but I've been considering deleting my save for a while now, because it simply takes up too much space and I can't really be bothered to sit through the single player campaign again. But I may have to cool my jets on that instinct, because 's new deathmatch mode sounds f***ing spectacular.

, as it has been designated, takes the light-cycles of and transplants them into somewhere called the Electronic Arena in Los Santos, for bike-on-bike deathmatch action. And it looks like it could be a ton of fun! Or should that be a tron of fun! Check out the trailer.

In 'Deadline' mode, combatants will have to avoid the light-trail emitting from the backs of the Nagasaki Shotaro light-bikes, lest they explode on contact.

You can collect power-ups to use against your opponents.

And use power-ups to slow time, jump over racers and give yourselves a little boost.

If you fancied rolling through Los Santos with your squad, all decked out in the retro-futuristic garb of 'Tron' then you can, because the bikes will be available for purchase, in a whole variety of colors, separate from 'Deadline' mode.

Head over to GTA Online now and the bikes should be live and ready to race.

Will you be diving back into 'GTA Online'?

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