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Do you love Grand Theft Auto but sometimes long for the visually simpler and more manageable time when the series used the top down perspective? A time before all that 3D, anti-aliasing mumbo-jumbo, where a man could be a man, and the citizens of Liberty City looked like the tiny insects they are?

Well, next week you're in luck. Because Rockstar Games has decided to present you a throwback to the times of GTA and GTA 2 with the implementation of GTA Online's Tiny Racer update.

'GTA Online' From A New Perspective

[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]

In the update, that's set to release on April 25, you'll be able to participate in high octane stunt car racing, blending elements of Micro Machines, Mario Kart and the original Grand Theft Auto Games.

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It's all going to take place high above the streets of Los Santos on a race track that seemingly floats around on top of the world. By the looks of the trailer, which you can watch below, there will be plenty of power-ups containing a wide array of tricks, weapons and equipment at hand to make life miserable for your competitors.

Most of this you'll probably use to send opponents falling towards Los Santos' searing asphalt in the wreckage of their burning cars. And that's basically all you need to make a top down racer fiendishly fun. For more info on the Tiny Racer update, check out Rockstar Games website.

Are you feeling nostalgic (old) about seeing Grand Theft Auto top down again?


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