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Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Girls and boys put down your toys, because this week's destructive bonanza has arrived and it's a tooting marvel, if I may say so myself.

Our most deranged shower thoughts have been answered by creative YouTubers pitting 100 brave NPCs against the face of death. 747s ploughed through them like bowling balls through skittles, 100 programmed souls bravely attempted to bring a tram to a halt with their faces and 100 freebirds failed to take to flight on the wings of a jumbo jet.

But sometimes, as you stare blankly at the tiles of your shower, lathering up idly, do you ever wonder what would happen if GTA V's unstoppable train were to take on 100 tanks? Could that actually, maybe, stop the train? Could it?

Well, YouTuber NoughtPointFourLIVE recently gave the challenge a go and whilst it wasn't particularly successful it was totally awesome!

Watch 100 tanks take on a train in GTA 5:

Hear My Train A Comin'

It took Nought two laborious attempts to get the trial running. The first ending up with his copy of GTA 5 crashing, which meant the poor guy had to go through the motions of placing 100 tanks along the bridge each time! That's dedication.

Even the game couldn't handle the sheer madness! But he did manage to squeeze in a few awesome shots of the tank-snake before the burp.

That's a lotta tanks

And a trippy glitch

And the awesome first moment the train met tank

But Nought's second attempt is where things got seriously tasty. He lined up the shot for another chance at the prize and... well... GTA Train simply doesn't give two damns about anything or anyone that stands in its way. It shall not be stopped.

It literally has tanks falling like autumn leaves!

And the end result is this tank graveyard. Godspeed, ye noble beasts.

All in all, a valiant and pretty badass attempt at stopping the train. I salute you, Nought! Now I'm stucking trying to think of what he could pit against 100 blimps...

What do you think? What would be your ultimate GTA 5 showdown?

[Source: YouTube]


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