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RZED is a daring gamer. In the past he's asked important questions like, 'What happens when a jumbo jet collides with 100 NPCs?' and, 'Can a crowd of people actually stop GTA V's trams?'

With these vital mysteries answered, our brave hero has gone off into the wilds in search of additional pertinent unanswerables. Grand Theft Auto V hides a great deal of secrets, and only one madman can uncover them. His latest adventure? Check this.

What Happens To 100 People When They Stand On GTA V's Planes?

As always, we start with the introduction of our hero. What beautiful carriage will he arrive upon this time?

Inspiring as always.

RZED was on a quest to find out which kind of airplane would best support a mass of over 100 people and be capable of carrying them around a particular section of the GTA V bay. A few miles in flight, essentially. So he started with the Titan.

More Like The Titanic, Am I Right?!

Is this thing powered by enthusiasm and determination?!

So, with all of these souls stood upon the wings of progress, the project begins.

They all fell off pretty damn fast. A few brave souls were able to make it till the plane was over the sea, but the majority of them were all like 'Nah' and bailed way before then.

Therefore, a new vessel was required in order to keep this experimental ball rolling.

Visibly dismayed by the failure of his first test, RZED calls upon his mountain lion buddy for emotional strength (and a trip to the airport), where his second test was about to take flight.

They're Leaving On A Jet Plane

With a ton people aboard the passenger jet, RZED was fueled by another burst of determination.

Sadly, he started losing people at an alarming rate. In fact, a wing of GTA V NPCs leaped off before the end of the runway.

Walking on air.
Walking on air.

God speed, weary travelers.

With these two planes set aside, RZED had only one left to rely upon: The Cargo plane.

The Greatest Kind of Cargo

Wanna see how it all went down? Of course you do!

Remarkable. RZED, you're the hero that none of us deserve.

What's the craziest thing you've done in GTA V?


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