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Recently, Corridor's GTA VR short-film dropped onto YouTube, like a mic to floor, and introduced all of us excitable nerds to two possibilities: Playing GTA 5 in VR and... most excitingly, that a movie based on the exploits of Los Santos' most unsavoury inhabitants could be a very interesting proposition indeed.

So that got my brain working. A GTA 5 movie? Who could star in a GTA 5 movie? Which performers have the range to pull off the cast of one of the greatest games of our generation in a live-action adaptation? Wanna see who I chose?

Fan Casting A 'GTA 5' Live-Action Movie

The Heroes

Trevor - Steven Ogg

As evidenced in the aforementioned and badass VR parody short-film, there could be no-one better than Ogg to slip into the sullied smocks of Trevor. He is honestly terrifying in the role and deserves to be a lot more renowned.

Michael - Bradley Cooper

On my last playthrough of GTA 5 I gave Michael a big ol' bushy beard to accompany his windswept visage, lavish suits and aviator sunglasses, and I suddenly realized that he somehow kinda resembled Bradley Cooper. I think he'd be an interesting choice for the semi-retired crook.

Franklin - O'Shea Jackson Jr.

After an astonishing turnout in Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube Jr.'s stock is riding the waves of fame at the moment. And I can't think of many who could pull off the heartfelt skullduggery of carjacker extraordinaire Franklin.

The Villains

Devin Weston - Powers Boothe

Weston, the grizzled and nefarious billionaire, is a character you'd expect to see riding the upper echelon of Los Santos' elite. Powers Boothe, a man whose talent matches his incredible name, would be a great fit for the role. Just look at his performances in Sin City. The man is the personification of grime.

Steve Haines - Sam Rockwell

For me, Haines is one of the GTA series' most abhorrent antagonists, which makes his comeuppance even the more sweeter. Sam Rockwell is a terrific actor who has made a career of playing loathsome, unhinged power types so I reckon he'd run riot in the role of slimy FIB agent.

Michael's Family

Amanda - Drea de Matteo

The The Sopranos vet made us all ache with empathy in her role of Adriana La Cerva in the classic series. Shallow yet strong-willed, she'd be ace in the role of GTA 5's fast-living, yoga-practicing trophy wife.

Jimmy - Jonah Hill

Admit it, we all thought Jonah Hill was voicing Jimmy for a hot minute until we checked. Instead it turned out to be a fantastic performance by Danny Tamberelli! But come on, Jimmy's swagger and angst seemed almost written for The Wolf of Wall Street star.

Tracey - Juno Temple

Temple is one of my favorite up and coming performers and is so talented at churning out really interesting performances. I think she'd be hilarious and venomous as Tracey.

The Allies

Lester - Clark Middleton

Middleton is one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces. With roles in heavy hitters such as The Blacklist, Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Snowpiercer under his belt, I think he would portray a brilliant Lester. I mean, his turnout as Glen the tracker in The Blacklist is testament enough!

Ron - Chris Parnell

There is seemingly nothing that Chris Parnell cannot do. The hilarious voice actor and comedian would excel as Trevor's silver-tongued associate, and I'd love to see Parnell on the big screen again.

Wade - Justin Timberlake

Bit of a wild-card this one, but wouldn't it be hilarious? Timberlake has shown his colors as a pretty good character actor with strong performances in The Social Network, Alpha Dog and even his cameo work with The Lonely Island. I think this could be amazing!

Dave - Paul Giamatti

And finally, who else to play the dirty, worn out and unremarkable FIB agent than one of cinema's greatest performers? Giamatti is a tour de force in every role he chooses, so why not him for the role of reluctant crooked fed?

So... yea or nay? Do you agree with a few of my ten cents?

What do you guys think? Who would you cast in a GTA 5 live-action movie?


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