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We've seen what happens when a crowd of 100 people take on a jumbo jet in Grand Theft Auto 5and spectacular it was. But YouTuber RZED's fascination with blocking vehicles with a crowd hasn't ended there. Only this time he's decided to pitch the good folks of Los Santos against an unmovable object, a mighty force of unstoppable strength and bombastic determination: The tram.

How does it all go down? Can 100 people stop the tram in a similar fashion to the jumbo jet? Let's take a look.

100 People Vs A Tram In GTA V

In order to demonstrate the might of GTA V's trams, RZED incrementally raised the number of NPCs standing in front of them with the help of some mods. They stand steadfast in the name of science as the vehicle plows through them, proud to be part of such an ambitious and rigorously scientific experiment. Speaking of the devil, let's see what RZED is riding this time.


What else, huh?

So, the task of taking down the tram begins with a humble 25 individuals. RZED surveys the gathering atop his bull in a scene reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

"But it is not this day..."
"But it is not this day..."

With the crowd at the ready, the tram approaches.

No dice.

The majority of people are just strangely pushed aside, while a few unfortunate souls are thrown to the ground. That bald dude got some whack to the face, too.

So RZED tries with 50 people.

Similar results. People are pushed to the wayside with a few being run over—and one dude mysteriously floating away from the accident—but the tram's determination is unwavering.

So, in order to finally bring the vehicle to its knees, RZED throws over 100 people in front of it. The results are spectacular.

The tram is trying so hard to stay on the rails despite the chaos—and this truly is the definition of chaos—but despite everything it continues along the rails. I wouldn't want to be inside it though.

We love you GTA V, and always will.

What's the craziest thing you've done in GTA V?


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