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The Grand Theft Auto series rose to fame on the back of its reputation for violence and mayhem. But the simple life of crime alone didn't make GTA games top sellers on all platforms. Rockstar's wide open sandbox games are full of hidden Easter eggs and secrets, and as a result of many of their players turned away from promising careers as car thieves to dedicate themselves to solving more tantalizing mysteries.

When we covered the secret of Mount Chiliad in , I mentioned the connection with aliens, werewolves, and bigfoot. We hunted for the skulking ratman in , but this spine chilling tale of the unexplained concerns another cryptid. An ancient, mysterious creature that is said to lurk beneath the briny depths of 's ocean.

Sightings Of The Sea Monster

Players claim to have witnessed a strange creature in the waters of Rockstar's sunny '80s playground, Vice City. The rumors date back to around 2002, when sightings of a strange creature similar to a Plesiosaur were reported on online forums. Notably, Neoseeker user jb339 recounted this old salt's tale:

"I recall a night on Ocean Beach, off the coast of the lighthouse. I had been out on the sea for hours celebrating my victory. My victory over the town and my new empire for now I was no longer a two-bit hitman, but a king among men. During my lofty recount, I noticed a thick fog had rolled in from the east. I then decided to return to the mainland and my hideout. When among the waters, a ripple, no, a strong wave rocked my boat and a lightning thundered in the air. I regathered myself, wondering what thing was strong enough to rock my Rio. BOOM, lightning filled the sky, rain fell from the heavens, and I was left on my boat with my M4.

Another ripple appeared among the waters, stronger, faster. I had no choice but to gas up the boat and escape to the shore. I speeded quickly, but blindly for the fog hid everything from me. My heart thundering in my chest while IT pounded my boat. I decided then and there that I was no coward, and unleashed wave and wave of M4 rounds on it. Bullets everything had calmed, I broke out a smile, and the fog cleared a ray of moonlight, once again I celebrated my victory. But today not anymore, for IT attacked with, a vengeful growl, and all its strength in a single flash. But my friends, fear more, for I had not drowned, but I died from my head being swept off clean..."

Other GTA fans corroborated with their own stories of monster encounters as time went by. Similar in appearance to the classic Loch Ness monsters, this creature was apparently encountered by players out at sea. The sea monster was dangerous, and would flip over the player's boat, killing or drowning the player.

Players have also reported sightings of the monster under Prawn Island, the North Bridge, Washington Beach, The South Bridge, North Beach, South Beach, Southern Ocean, Vice Beach, East Coast, Abandoned Beach, Washington Beach River and near the Lighthouse in Vice City.

The monster is also thought to originate from the Abyssal Ocean, itself a mythical area that players claim can be reached by travelling to the farthest reaches of the sea around Vice City.

Numerous players have speculated that the monster is connected to the Chartered Libertine Lines Shipwrecks, claiming to have spotted the monster in the wrecks.

The 'GTA: Vice City' Sea Monster: Myth Or Fact?

On the hunt [Credit: Rockstar Games]
On the hunt [Credit: Rockstar Games]

Dedicated monster hunters have combed through the game files in attempts to locate textures or models of the large sea creature, but nothing resembling any such beast has been found. That should've destroyed the credibility of the myth, but there are still obsessive players today that scour the seas, convinced that there's something lurking beneath the waves.

Could graphical glitches trick players into seeing monsters? This vid shows that they can get seriously trippy:

There are a few things that could be mistaken for the monster, sparking the players' imaginations:

[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
  • Dark underwater textures under bridges such as those underneath the western North Bridge, known to myth hunters as 'Monster's Pit'.
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
  • Rocks poking out of the water. The games' draw distance casts a pitch-black shadow over the rocks in the ocean, which can make them appear larger or distorted. Spikes on the rocks can seem like a Plesiosaur's humps.
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
  • Stormy weather can cause boats to flip over from wave pressure, and glitchy physics can cause this to happen even in normal weather.
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]
  • Red-Orb Sightings. Players report that whenever a helicopter crashes into the ocean, they see a pair of red orbs (the eyes of the monster) before fainting/passing out. These are likely just red navigation lights around the ocean.

Ultimately, despite the many claims on YouTube and gaming forums, no one's yet to provide any conclusive proof of the existence of the GTA: Vice City sea monster. But that hasn't stopped people fantasising about such an exciting encounter. Maybe Rockstar can take the hint for their next title, and add the real deal in a future GTA.

Have you ever seen the Vice City 'sea monster'? Let us know about your encounter!

(Source: GTA-myths)


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