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Are you having trouble filling your weekly zombie needs outside of watching The Walking Dead? Do you still have a desire for destruction after playing through GTA V's story? Don't worry, GTA Online's got you covered. In this game, there are thousands of great mods for GTA V to spice up your gameplay experience for what seems like forever. If you own a decent PC, that is.

Of course, you can even kickstart your own GTA V zombie apocalypse with a variety of custom-made mods.

The Best 'GTA V' Zombie Mods You Can Download Now

It can be a bit confusing locating the best GTA V mods, especially if you're not too familiar with modding in the PC version of the game. To save you time, we've collected five of our favorite ways of adding zombies to Grand Theft Auto.

1. Letting The Dead Rule San Andreas With 'Simple Zombies'

Step 1 when creating a good zombie apocalypse modification for any video game would be to ensure the existence of zombies. This mod does that very well, creating very authentic walkers and dangerously fast runners to rummage through the land- and cityscapes of San Andreas.

  • Creator: Sollaholla / Reyser
  • Summary: This mod creates actual zombies in your GTA V game. There are many like it, but this one stands out as it is still regularly updated and (almost) free of bugs.
  • I want this now: There you go.

2: Get The Setting Right With 'The Dead Among Us'

Putting zombies into the world of GTA V doesn't guarantee total immersion. Why? Because Los Santos, Blaine County and the rest of the San Andreas State looks somewhat nice and not like a place that has experienced a zombie apocalypse. To solve that problem, you have to get a new, more derelict map. Like this one.

  • Creator: Denedwin
  • Summary: A regularly updated stream of zombie-themed maps, in case you grow tired of experiencing Los Santos as it is.
  • I want this now: All right, all right.

3. Get A Sense Of Purpose In the Post Apocalyptic World With 'Zombie Taxi'

We know, we know. Purpose isn't really something you're looking for when playing GTA V. But if you do want a break from all the senseless killing, you can try your luck as a VIP taxi "driver" that transports important people out of sticky zombie invasion situations by plane.

  • Creator: Stubthunker
  • Summary: You're a professional VIP taxi driver, specialized in transporting people during emergency zombie outbreaks.
  • I want this now: You got it.

4. A Car Isn't Just A Car In The Post-Zombie Era

There's a very special feeling to mowing down braindead zombies in a car or truck that's actually built for the purpose of mowing down braindead zombies. It gives you an intense feeling of satisfaction that you shouldn't compromise during any undead adventure in GTA V. The added guns and blades are just a bonus.

  • Creator: Syxapuk_Craft's
  • Summary: If you intend to survive the zombie apocalypse, you better prepare yourself. Get a new car.
  • I want this now: Here it is.

5. Reflect The Personalities Of Trevor, Franklin and Michael

When you get tired of killing zombies in their thousands, you might as well finish things off by becoming one of them yourself. This mod allows you to play through the game with an even more unhealthy looking version of Trevor, or turn Michael and Franklin into the rotting flesh-suits they really are.

A Lot More Mods To Boost The Experience

There are hundreds of other zombie mods out there, and also a couple of non-zombie modifications that work really well if you're going for a post-apocalyptic experience. For example, you might want to install a fuel-mod that limits the amount of gasoline found in cars and a no-electricity mod that keeps everything pitch black at night.

That way, you'll get an authentic survival experience to quench your zombie thirst, at least until the next episode of The Walking Dead comes out.

What's your favorite mod for GTA V?


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