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In The Legend of Zelda, collecting is all part of the fun — whether it's rupees, arrows, photographs or even ship parts (remember that one?). Well, Anne Martha Harnes from Norway has taken this concept to the next level and been officially recognised as the owner of the largest collection of Zelda memorabilia in the world.

Starting in 1994, playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo, Harnes fell in love with the game's characters, story and music. She started collecting in 2008 after learning how to use eBay and PayPal, inspired by stories of other collectors she'd read about online. The collection started with a simple Link plushie, and quickly expanded from there.

Looking around the room in the above video, it's impossible not to be impressed by the number and variety of Links and other assorted characters staring back at you. Probably the most imposing of these is a life-sized Link statue shipped in from Germany — he was shipped in six pieces and was damaged in transport so Harnes had to glue him together. (He looks great now, but is made to wear a scarf because "his neck is really glued on.")

Her favorite item in the collection is the Zora guitar, because of its rarity, as well as that it came from her favorite game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. There are supposedly only seven of t in the world; I'm definitely super jealous of her for owning one because it looks absolutely amazing.

Harnes hasn't sought much media attention for her collection before, but users on Neogaf have been posting that she is well-known among other Zelda collectors using her online handle "Ikhana." ShawnIreed posted, "She seems genuinely nice on the forums, and I've always thought it was great that the #1 Zelda collector was female."

The official number of items in the collection recorded by Guinness World Records was 1,816, but Harnes believes that since the record was counted she's probably now closer to 2,000 items. As she says, new Zelda games and merchandise are always being released, so the collection will never truly be complete.

One thing is for sure: if she keeps this up for much longer, she may need to invest in a larger room to keep it all!

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