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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Bonafide video game legends and heroes in their own right, John & Brenda Romero need no introduction. Between them they have had a hand in the creation of some of the most famous IPs to ever grace the industry, like Doom, Quake, Dungeons & Dragons and the Wizardry series.

Now the duo are back with a game dreamt up by their 12-year-old son. Gunman Taco Truck, currently fixing up a storm on Steam Greenlight, is all about driving a taco truck to Winnipeg, Canada in order to feed the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Stay with me, there's more to Gunman Taco Truck that meets the eye.

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The game, both hilarious and grotesque, puts you in the more than likely steel-capped, 8-bit boots of a pretty-astute Mexican businessperson (the world's last Mexican in fact) who arms a taco truck to the nines, and proceeds to drive through reams of radiation-addled mutants that stand in a hungry humanity's way.

Gunman Taco Truck [Credit: John Romero]
Gunman Taco Truck [Credit: John Romero]

Then, after you've dispatched the ghastly goons, you collect their offal and serve up some super tasty tacos to the survivors of the apocalypse, all for a price of course. Capitalism rules, okay? You then use the money and scrap metal collected to upgrade your truck and set off across the country for more mutant marauding.

All of this from the imagination of a pre-adolescent kid? That's some brain you got there, youngblood! Here's the trailer so you can see this is all legit.

Dine On The Dead

Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, son of Brenda and step-son of John, came up with the concept when he was just nine-years-old. Donovan and John quickly got to work materializing the crazy idea, with Donovan creating a design document that outlined the title's plot, creatures, locations and weapons.

[Credit: Brenda Romero]
[Credit: Brenda Romero]

As of December, development on the game began with Brenda, John and Donovan and a host of buddies and family, such as Ian Dunbar, Paul Conway and even Michael Romero, joining in to etch out the game's look and fix any issues with its balancing, amongst other issues that may plague a game's development process.

From L-R: Paul Conway, John Romero, Ian Dunbar, Brenda Romero, Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, and Michael Romero. [Credit: The Romero's]
From L-R: Paul Conway, John Romero, Ian Dunbar, Brenda Romero, Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, and Michael Romero. [Credit: The Romero's]

“We’re fortunate that we have family and friends to take advantage of his idea and make it a reality”, said Brenda Romero in an interview back in 2015. “He has a good environment. He [is surrounded] by games all of the time. He’s probably at a stage of skill now where I was in my early 20s."

Carnivorous Cadavers

[Credit: Romero Games]
[Credit: Romero Games]

The wonderful achievement of releasing a game at age 12 hasn't been lost on the young auteur, as he was in a resoundingly humble mood in a statement issued by the family.

“It’s my first published game, and it’s been really fun creating a game. It’s basically been one of my dreams to create a game, and my dream has come true.”

And with over 40 locations to visit and a whole host of beasties to take on, including a devil chicken that shoots lasers and dark matter from its face, this game sounds like it'll be an absolute treat to play. So go play it! Did I mention who Donovan's parents are?

Gunman Taco Truck is available right now on Steam for Windows and Mac, and is set to come to iOS soon.

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