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The Nintendo Switch hype is steadily growing as we near the new hybrid console's release on March 3. And as we get closer to the fateful day, fans around the globe are beginning to prepare, saving up and making plans for the games they're going to buy first. Though there is one fan who's taking things a bit further than most.

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Alex Pekala a.k.a. CND is a Youtuber and die-hard Nintendo enthusiast who's decided that he wants to be the first regular person in the world to get his hands on a Nintendo . On February 3, exactly one month before the release of the console, he set up shop outside the Nintendo World Store in Midtown Manhattan, and he's been documenting the ups and downs of waiting in line ever since.

It's Dangerous To Queue Alone

[Credit: CND]
[Credit: CND]

Apparently the ordeal isn't as lonely as you might think. First of, CND isn't waiting alone, but with another very well known Nintendo fan, Isaiah Triforce Johnson a.k.a. TriForce Johnson.

This guy is as close as you get to a professional line waiter, being the first in line for new console launches at least eight times. Now, he's retiring and passing the torch to CND, as he'll officially be the first in line while TriForce will only be number two.

Isaiah 'Triforce' Johnson & Reggie Fils-Aimé [Credit: Nintendo Life]
Isaiah 'Triforce' Johnson & Reggie Fils-Aimé [Credit: Nintendo Life]

Besides TriForce Johnson, CND is joined by both passerbys and fans who're interested in the project. It really doesn't look like line waiting is even close to being as passive and boring as you might think.

Receiving Gifts From Nintendo And Fans

Each day CND puts up a video on Youtube documenting the events that took place outside the Nintendo World Store during the day. The channel has steadily been growing in popularity since CND and TriForce Johnson first sat down in front of the store, and it seems more and more fans are also visiting the two enthusiasts in real life, even bringing them gifts to show their support.

Pizza from Ubisoft, donuts from fans, more pizza from other people in line, snacks from fans; the list goes on. Watching the videos, it seems like CND and TriForce can pretty much live off all the gifts they're getting while waiting.

On top of that, CND has received a special present from Nintendo itself. An official store shirt and some super limited edition Nintendo Switch coins that depict Mario and Link. Oh, and TriForce got a rare Gold Edition Nintendo 3DS from some guy who wasn't really using it.

Things Will Only Get Crazier

Hopefully it won't go down like this.
Hopefully it won't go down like this.

With the Nintendo being less than three weeks away now, the line outside the Nintendo World Store in New York will inevitably grow longer in the near future. At some point, the place will get outright crowded until it becomes a literal herd of super enthusiastic fans.

We look forward to watching the development from a safe distance through CND's channel and hopefully witness a couple more acts of community-goodwill in the process. It's pretty uplifting stuff really.

If you want to follow the escapades outside the Nintendo World Store tune into CND's channel right here.

How was your experience waiting in line for a game or console release?

[Video credit: CND]


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