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It seems nowhere is safe from dad jokes, including the fictional future world of Overwatch, where one man's dad has hilariously attempted to recreate the various emotes in the game using nothing but a selection of household objects, some nerf weaponry and his own ingenuity.

One Gamer's Dad Hilariously Reenacts Emotes From 'Overwatch'

[Credit: Activision-Blizzard]
[Credit: Activision-Blizzard]

Gamer Nick Luciano got his dad in to help on some adorably funny Overwatch video work. The two of them painstakingly recreated emotes from various characters, using only what they could find around their house.

The results...

are all...


The senior Luciano's efforts at recreating the characters as closely as possible (and holding in his laughter) are certainly admirable, as is the creativity of their household props (I especially like the two extendable dog leashes as shotguns). Take a look for yourself at his skills:

Frankly, I think he's ready for a career in mo-cap work. Maybe he can play Nathan Drake's long lost grandfather in a new Uncharted sequel, or one of Soldier 76's retired buddies for some Overwatch story content. He's clearly got the chops for it.

If you'd like to see more hilarious stuff by Nick Luciano and his father, they also did a great video reenacting the taunts of various characters from Super Smash Bros. You can find it on Nick Luciano's channel.

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