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As video games start to envelop an ever-changing and expanding entertainment industry, we need to come to an understanding that there are plenty of video games that are frustrating, enough, to cause others to break their personal controllers, mice and keyboards, monitors and may even cause bodily harm to themselves.

The main idea is that most of us despise losing in games, no matter what the activity is, and I am here to help those of you who are in dire need of ways to calm yourselves down, effectively, in order to move along and keep pushing and striving for greatness.

What makes myself perfect to author such an article is due to myself having anger issues so engraved within me that I would cry, pout, become angry, or even break one of my very own, personal belongings just because of a specific video game. This guide will mostly feature what had previously helped me, personally, and maybe it will help some, if not most, of you. Finally, when you feel incredibly angered over a certain video game, you must try counting to 50 and then thinking about your current situation, close your eyes and listen to an emotionally driven song, get off that specific video game and start doing something else that you love to do or go running, jogging, and start exercising till it is all out of your system. These are the main methods I have used in the past and still do to this day. Let me explain further.

Start Counting Numbers

This screenshot was taken from the game 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends'.
This screenshot was taken from the game 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends'.

The first strategy is counting numbers, whether to 50 or how ever many numbers you will need to count towards, in order to focus your mind. Think of it as meditating, but with an approach to making the session quicker and trying to get you readily focused on the current task at hand, by first clearing your mind, which is the primary focus of counting to 50, which happens to be my sweet spot.

When counting, you are supposed to strictly focus on the numbers you are either thinking or speaking, whichever works best for you. Afterwards, you will then think about how you can improve on getting better at the current video game you are playing or if you want, you could just ignore everything that had just happened and move on, which also does wonders.

Time and time again, after being exterminated within a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match or an Overwatch competitive match, I would have to calm myself down by clearing my head, in order to keep myself at my full potential, or I will start to lose focus for the entirety of the match. It is important for you and your teammates that you stay mentally focused on what is going on. If not, the match can quite easily turn sour. Counting numbers may actually save your in-game character’s life and more than likely closing your eyes and listening to an emotionally driven song will make your life even easier.

Listen To Good Music

This screenshot was taken from the game 'Duelyst'.
This screenshot was taken from the game 'Duelyst'.

If counting numbers, or doing math, is not to your liking, then the next best thing is to listen to one of your favorite tunes or listen to a song that will soothe all of the tensions within your body and current thoughts. Whatever your anthem may be, the purpose is to make yourself feel good and enjoy your current moment.

Most of us can agree that music is most likely the best type of medicine known to man, mostly because it is the universal language of all things living, or at least to us human beings. When at a rave, just about everyone is jumping up and down, dancing, prancing, or doing some sort of mystical technique to the same exact song. At a wedding, when we hear a specific tune for a certain event that is about to transpire, we know exactly what is going to happen; for example, Here Comes The Bride, by Richard Wagner, is a specific tune that every human being should generally understand, no matter if you believe in marriage or not. When at a school graduation, everyone understands the song Pomp and Circumstance, by Edward Elgar, means that the graduates are either picking up their diplomas, have already completed the graduation ceremony, or both. When playing a specific video game, from back within your golden years as a gamer and/or child, listening to those old, memorable tunes will cause a surge of nostalgia to just open up within your cranium.

The essential concept to take from this is that whatever expression of sound you choose to listen to, make sure it is something that will specifically make you, individually, feel special. Understandably, there have been plenty of times in the past, back when I had first started to play Halo: Reach competitively, where I needed to listen to one of my favorite passionate, love songs, in order to get past the events that were currently happening. It just made me feel like no matter what happens, at the end of it all, I am still happy and I am still living.

You are in control of your own emotions and no matter how bad your team may call you out for your mistakes, actions and plays, believe that you absolutely tried your very best and in the end, that is all that matters. Now, if this is still not enough to suit your needs, then you will have to try and do another activity that will make you feel superior, no matter how egotistical it may seem.

Change Your Activity

This screenshot was taken from the game 'Overwatch'.
This screenshot was taken from the game 'Overwatch'.

While listening to wonderful compositions can put a smile on one’s face, changing your current mode of activity to something else may actually be the cure to your problems. You may not want to leave the game you are currently playing, but if all of the other strategies have failed you then it is time for a little change in scenery. This may seem harsh, at first, but understand that these methods can be implemented in small increments.

Within competitive video games, the objective is to win your matches and if you do not, then you must look at your mistakes and understand what went wrong. Unfortunately, the prime flaw with this advice is that it does not take into account your personal feelings on the current matter and expects you to understand that how you feel about the situation does not matter; you should take this into account. If you are not mentally prepared to get better and move on, than there is no point in trying to get better. You have already lost the battle, before it had even began. Therefore, you need to figure out a way to make sure your ego does not become so broken that you delve into such a depressive state, which is why I advise to always go back and do something you are good at when facing a constant battle with losses, defeat and poor teammates.

For instance, whenever I feel utterly defeated, I go back to one of the video games I once played as a child, in order to feel motivated to go back and try again. Likewise, since my favorite genre of video game is role-playing, I am able to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Torchlight II, Diablo 3, or any other role-playing game I like and just have a good time doing what I love to do most: playing video games. What happens then is that I will have the courage to go back to the previous video game that I was playing and try to succeed in what I had previously failed at performing.

Lastly, this strategy is not supposed to increase your ego, but to make sure your ego does not implode on itself. You should not feel bad because a Genji just wiped your whole team within Overwatch. You should not be crying because your rank is below platinum in Overwatch. You should not feel completely destroyed due to another player having better card draws than you in Hearthstone. You should not feel dead inside because you used up all of your counters and could not defeat the opposing player’s Deathwing, that they just so happened to have obtained in Hearthstone.

Overall, you should not feel depressed over another player’s achievements against your own. In the end, you can either take what that player has given you to learn from, stop playing that specific video game, or take a break and exercise it all off and come back to the game later, when you feel prepared to actually deal with that video game, again.

Exercise Can Do Wonders

This screenshot was taken from the game 'Overwatch'.
This screenshot was taken from the game 'Overwatch'.

The final, but certainly not the least, best strategy that I could prescribe to other gamers is the magic of just going out of your way to work all of your emotions off. You can either sit on your chair all day, mad at yourself for losing at a video game or you can work your body off and tell yourself that it is not over, it is not the end, and that everything that you had just witnessed is just the beginning. Even doing a couple of push-ups can do a great amount for your mind. Your mental state is just as important as your physical state. There isn’t anything else I could say, other than this will cause you to change the way you perceive your own losses.

To Finalize, whether it is counting random, mathematical digits, listening to a blissful tune, changing your activity or exercising your emotions into oblivion, making sure your thoughts are always strong is your top priority. Whether you believe any of these tips to work or not, I have conveyed the purpose of why having a healthy attitude, when doing anything, is important. While losing has its faults and frustrating effects, there is also a reason to why you had acquired that loss. Whether it was you or a teammate, do not dwell on it. It will come to pass and one of the best medicines for it is to just laugh it off. Happy gaming and make sure you keep your consciousness in chec

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