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February 6th is a special day in the Pokéverse as it marks the birthday of Mewtwo, the raddest, baddest Pokémon of them all. Back in the early days of Pokémon, Mewtwo was considered to be the most powerful Pokémon ever to exist. Only accessible after a series of challenges had been cleared, Mewtwo was a reward for the most dedicated players, and catching one was worth some serious kudos.

In Red and Blue, the player learns of Mewtwo's existence by reading research notes left in the ruined 'Pokémon Mansion' on Cinnabar Island. The notes detail how the island's scientists discovered a new Pokémon in a Guyana jungle, which they christened it Mew. Mew is a powerful and sought after Pokémon in its own right, but 'after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments' Mew was made to give birth to a creature they called Mewtwo...on February 6.

Mewtwo proved too mighty to control and it escaped, destroying the laboratory in the process. In the games, it's possible capture Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave (called the 'Unknown Dungeon' in the earliest versions), which is accessible only after defeating the game's final bosses.

The remake titles Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen would make the requirements even more hardcore, granting access to the cave only after the player has recorded information on sixty Pokémon species in addition to defeating the bosses. Basically, Mewtwo is the Akuma of the Pokémon games.

It was a tall order, but if you could do it you had what was hands down the best Pokémon in the games. Mewtwo might make you unstoppable and he can even talk via telepathy, but he won't exactly be your friend.

A Dark Origin

Mewtwo's movie appearance [The Pokemon Company]
Mewtwo's movie appearance [The Pokemon Company]

Like Frankenstein's monster, Mewtwo is an intelligent individual troubled by its artificial creation. Its story is one of the darker elements of a universe that only implies some of its more unsavory aspects.

Created by scientists purely to dominate in battle, Mewtwo is the logical conclusion of the relationship between human and Pokémon. Aware of its superior strength, Mewtwo is a cold hearted badass, contemptuous of humans and fellow Pokémon alike.

Mewtwo in Pokemon HeartGold [The Pokemon Company]
Mewtwo in Pokemon HeartGold [The Pokemon Company]

Ultimately though, this domineering nature masks the vulnerability and isolation that Mewtwo feels due to its artificial origins.

An official anime short shows us the the young Mewtwo's softer side:

Since 1996, Mewtwo has kept up its rep as one of the toughest and most mysterious Pokémon around, even as competition from new legendaries has stepped up. This 21-year-old pocket monster is in the prime of life and not ready to give up the throne.

Here's to you, Mewtwo! May you continue to be the coolest of 'em all!

Did you ever manage to catch Mewtwo in Red and Blue?


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