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Dungeon Guild is a first-person, tactical RPG game featuring real-time combat and challenging puzzles. This free-to-play, sci-fi adventure comes to us courtesy of .

Set in a dystopian future, players take on the role of an intergalactic space mercenary seeking fortune and glory in the uncharted fathoms of space. Explore ancient alien monuments, underground caves and abandoned space stations as your venture ever deeper into the unknown.

Dungeon Guild offers players a classic dungeon adventure with a twist. The adventures that await are painstakingly designed by the team and are not randomly created. Project creator Commander Brody is a dungeon genre expert and assures us that this is the ultimate dungeon adventure that will put your mind, body and soul to the test.

Mysteries and puzzles are hand-crafted to challenge players. It is an epic, Rogue-based D&D adventure game that will engage your imagination and challenge your intellect!

The game encourages the player to learn, adapt and upgrade skills. The dungeons will be crawling with nightmarish enemies and brain-cracking puzzles. Each mission holds within it all new adventures and enticing narrative streams. No mission is like the one before; players must be smart and adaptable.

Explore strange new worlds on an intergalactic scale. With an open-ended narrative and a plethora of monsters, puzzles and hidden loot rooms, Dungeon Guild is likely to keep you entertained for a good long while.

Platform: PC, Mac

Genre: RPG, FPS

Release date: 2017

Creator: Dungeon Treasure

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