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It looks like Bethesda are planning to drop some new surprises on the public at E3 2017, according to the press invite they sent out this weekend. The publishing giant released an adorable little map to what they've dubbed Bethesdaland, which is presumably like Disneyland except that you glitch into the floor and then fly 10,000 feet into the air and die while waiting for a ride.

Bethesdaland: What Are The Two New Titles Bethesda Plans To Announce At E3 2017?

[Credit: Bethesda]
[Credit: Bethesda]

The map, which advertises their fictional themepark, contains all the well known franchises Bethesda is famous for, including , , , , and . But there's two sections that seem to still be under construction. The mystery of the two hidden areas might confirm rumors that have been flying around recently about two upcoming sequels that Bethesda are developing with their other studios.

[Credit: Bethesda]
[Credit: Bethesda]

The first hint, dropped in an interview with Wolfenstein: The New Order voice actor BJ Blazkowicz, semi-confirmed the existence and name of the upcoming sequel to The New Order: Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. BJ Blazkowicz hinted that the brief splash screen shown at the start of Bethesda's 2016 E3 presentation was the key to one of their upcoming titles. The splash page, intriguingly rendered like an old MS_DOS screen, contained the title NEW_COLOSSUS, along with a starred-out release date.

The second rumor comes with slightly less solid confirmation, but is intriguing nonetheless. A NeoGAF poster uncovered a Japanese job listing for a sequel to Psychobreak, better known in the West as The Evil Within. It's not 100% clear at this time, but it's quite possible that The Evil Within 2 will be making a showing this year at E3.

Personally though, I'm hoping for Rage 2. Anyone else a fan of this madness?

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