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Nintendo released its first smartphone game featuring the company's iconic Mario on December 15. While the game's initial release is only on iOS platforms, it has performed extremely well. Within the first 24 hours of launch, it was being reported that the game had already raked in $5 million in revenue for . And four days after launch, the number of downloads was already well into eight figures, with some reports stating as high as 50 million downloads. Fan reaction to Super Mario Run has also been very positive.

Super Mario Home Run?

So why does it seem that despite these incredible early figures, there are those in the gaming community who are looking for the worst in the game? Some are players who pose the question, "Is it worth buying a $10 smartphone game that can be beaten in under a few hours?" Others are business analysts who attempt to point to the company's stock price as an indicator of the game's success or failure in the market.

There are several reasons why Nintendo chose to launch the game on smartphones (and tablets). Of course, it is meant to generate revenue for the company, but there is also the TOMA aspect of putting a unique and fairly simple — but also challenging — title on the device that most people keep in hand virtually all day long.

Top Of Mind Awareness

TOMA is an acronym for top-of-mind awareness. According to Marketing Metrics and Tools:

This is the first brand that the respondent can recall – off the top of their head – which is why it is called top-of-mind awareness. Usually the market leader with strong brand equity would have a strong top-of-mind score. Often there is a correlation between a brand’s market share and their top-of-mind score.

So in a nutshell, TOMA is a marketing concept that means the longer something enjoyable remains at the forefront of your consciousness, the more you become aware of it, even subtly, when it meets any of your senses. For those people who take the time to really enjoy games, and do so with Super Mario Run, the more they see it, the more they will gravitate toward other similar experiences. Whether those experiences are on currently existing platforms, or on future platforms, with TOMA, people come to believe that Nintendo will satisfy their desire for more.

Don't Hate, Gravitate

Even still, there is apparently widespread obligatory negative perception of all things Nintendo. Why the desire by naysayers to point out what they see as failures or missteps by the company? In the world of gaming, when comparing competitors like Sony or Microsoft, the lambasting is never seen on the same scale as it is for Nintendo. No company or person is perfect, so we understand there will be flaws, but the pervasiveness of the negativity is sometimes smothering.

Have you downloaded Super Mario Run? If you don't have or , do you intend to pick up the game when it launches on Android platforms later next year? Sound off in the comments below.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!

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