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Hearthstone's latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is upon us and that means big changes to the strategies needed to beat your opponents.

Constructed mode will be revolutionized by the introduction of the "Death Knight" cards: corrupted versions of the starting heroes that provide powerful effects to those brave enough to embrace them. Arena play will also be seeing huge changes, albeit in a totally different way. The new cards introduced in KFT will significantly change which classes rank highest on the Arena tier list.

Through study of the current Arena meta-game, and analysis on which cards will have the greatest impact in 's new expansion, I have created this list showing the best classes to pick in Arena right now. I will be explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each class, the best cards available for each, as well as what new Knights of the Frozen Throne cards you should prioritize drafting for each class.

Class Arena Tier List In Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Every class gained a powerful Death Knight card in this expansion, as well as some game-changing legendary cards. However, this is an Arena tier list and will therefore place much more emphasis on the best Common and Rare cards each class gained, since those are the cards you will be drafting most often.

If you want to stay a step ahead of the competition in the Knights of the Frozen Throne arena meta, then pay attention to this guide!

9th: Priest

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Hero Power can be great for controlling the board. Variety of efficient minion-removal spells.

Weaknesses: Lacks strong early-game minions. Hero Power essentially useless if you don't have control of the board. Lots of spells with little effect in Arena.

Best Cards: Kabal Talonpriest, Shadow Word: Death, Mind Control, Holy Nova, Power Word: Shield, Northshire Cleric, Potion of Madness and Drakonid Operative.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Priest gained a lot of good cards for Arena during the Journey to Un'Goro expansion, but unfortunately the drafting bonus on those cards is now over. In the new expansion, Priest did gain some useful early game in the form of Shadow Ascendant, and the neutral minion Happy Ghoul is potentially an easy 0 mana 3/3, but besides these cards Priest didn't gain much from Knights of the Frozen Throne in Arena mode.

8th: Warrior

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Weapon cards serve as efficient removal. Variety of powerful late-game cards to out-value your opponent.

Weaknesses: Arguably the weakest Hero Power in the game for Arena. Risk of drafting too many or too few weapons.

Best Cards: Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Fool's Bane, Arathi Weaponsmith, Frothing Berserker and N'Zoth's First Mate.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Warrior was already struggling in Arena, and didn't gain much in the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. Blood Razor is another nice addition to Warrior's arsenal of weapons, and Forge of Souls could be a fantastic card draw mechanic in a deck with a bunch of weapons.

7th: Shaman

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Overload allows you to play powerful effects earlier than your opponent. Variety of powerful board clear effects.

Weaknesses: Hero Power relies on random chance if you need a specific totem. Overload cards can disrupt the curve of your deck.

Best Cards: Fire Elemental, Flamewreathed Faceless, Maelstrom Portal, Volcano, Lightning Storm, Hex and Flametongue Totem.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Many of Shaman's best cards in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion were cards which summoned Jade Golems. Unfortunately those cards will appear less frequently now, so the synergy is much weaker.

However, Shaman is getting Drakkari Defender, a great early-game taunt minion, as well as Avalanche, another powerful area-of-effect removal spell. Brrrlock serves as some well-appreciated early game, so it's not all bad news.

6th: Warlock

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Hero Power provides reliable card draw to keep you going. Strong early-game minions and many removal spells.

Weaknesses: Class cards are weaker on average compared to other classes. Hero Power is risky to use on low HP.

Best Cards: Abyssal Enforcer, Siphon Soul, Dread Infernal, Blastcrystal Potion, Mortal Coil and Doomguard.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Warlock gained a nice selection of new removal cards from the new expansion, including Defile, Unwilling Sacrifice, and Drain Soul. Despicable Dreadlord is also a card with nice stats for its effect. Warlock has potential to see real success in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

5th: Druid

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Contains some of the best Taunt minions in the game. Solid collection of high-stat minions and ability to gain mana crystals quickly.

Weaknesses: Not much hard removal. Relies on minion combat to stay in the game.

Best Cards: Swipe, Druid of the Claw, Tortollan Forager, Innervate and Ancient of War.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Druid of the Swarm is a great Arena card that can be used both early game (1/5 with Taunt) or late game (1/2 with Poisonous) to take out large creatures. Gnash is a decently-costed removal, and Strongshell Scavenger has huge potential in a deck with some Taunt minions, plus has synergy with the aforementioned Druid of the Swarm!

4th: Hunter

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Hero Power can finish off weak enemies easily. Beast synergy is powerful and increasingly viable in Arena.

Weaknesses: Hero Power does nothing to take control of the board.

Best Cards: Savannah Highmane, Crackling Razormaw, Animal Companion, Eaglehorn Bow, Jeweled Macaw and Houndmaster.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Hunter has seemingly been gaining more popularity in Arena with every expansion, and Knights of the Frozen Throne is no exception. Venomstrike Trap and Stitched Tracker are welcome additions to Hunter's early game collection, and Bearshark is also a powerful common card. Exploding Bloatbat contains a useful board clear that Hunter was dearly lacking previously.

3rd: Rogue

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Efficient Hero Power is great for clearing minions. Combo cards result in big tempo plays.

Weaknesses: Hero Power becomes risky to use as health gets low. Combo cards lose a lot of power without enablers.

Best Cards: Envenom Weapon, SI:7 Agent, Backstab, Sap, Eviscerate and Assassinate.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Rogue didn't gain that much in KFT, but it still retains much of its power level from the last expansion. Some nice new additions include Plague Scientist, an excellent common removal card (expect to see a lot of these). Grave Shambler is a neutral card, but the weapon-centric ability means it is much stronger in Rogue, as replacing your Hero Power weapon will boost it by +1/+1.

2nd: Mage

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Amazing Hero Power. Most efficient AoE and direct removal spells in the game. Multiple card-draw mechanics.

Weaknesses: Sometimes lacking in minions. Some spells are situational.

Best Cards: Firelands Portal, Flamestrike, Fireball, Babbling Book and Twilight Flamecaller.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: This expansion fills the few holes Mage had in her Arena arsenal: early-game minions. Coldwraith has excellent synergy with all the freezing effects Mage gained in KFT. Tuskarr Fisherman is also an excellent early-game play for Mage. Breath of Sindragosa is another efficiently-costed removal spell (as if Mage needed any more of those!) Finally, Frozen Clone is a powerful secret, which you should watch out for if playing against Mage yourself.

Mage is truly going to be a force to reckon with in the Knights of the Frozen Throne Arena.

1st: Paladin

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Strengths: Good buff spells to ensure your minions find favourable trades. Great weapons. Strong area-of-effect removal.

Weaknesses: Needs a good mana curve to maximize effectiveness.

Best Cards: Truesilver Champion, Consecration, Argent Protector, Spikeridged Steed, Aldor Peacekeeper, Vinecleaver, Grimestreet Protector, Rallying Blade.

Changes with Knights of the Frozen Throne: Paladin was already arguably the strongest class in Journey to Un'Goro, and he gains so many new tools in this new expansion! Righteous Protector is set to become one of the best early game minions in Hearthstone. Dark Conviction is a super utility spell that can be used defensively or offensively. Chillblade Champion is a great buff target. Howling Commander for more card draw...

Paladin is so versatile in Arena right now. It has the early game, the late game, and everything in-between. It has great spells and great weapons. It has healing and it has taunts... if you want a 12-win Arena deck in Knights of the Frozen Throne, I would say Paladin is your best bet to gain the edge over your opponents.

Which classes will you be playing in the Hearthstone Arena this expansion?


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