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When a new expansion hits Hearthstone, the meta always gets turned upside down. That sweet dragon warrior deck, which almost got you past rank 4 last week, is now unplayable because some brainless new aggro shaman card (yes, Tunnel Trogg, you) completely counters all your best moves.

's Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is no exception. Even though the shaman cards this time around aren't as keyboard-smash-inducing as earlier, there's another deck archetype to make sure your local electronics store stays in business. We're of course talking about the already ever-present and totally demoralizing pirate decks.

Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Top Tips, Decks & Strategies

So yeah, everything you thought you knew about the game has once again changed, and it's time to figure out a new strategy for reaching Legend. Luckily, we're here to help on your way to those hallowed legendary halls and ultimate e-peen.

Bankrupt Yourself With Reno

We're gonna be rich he said. What a troll. [Credit: Blizzard]
We're gonna be rich he said. What a troll. [Credit: Blizzard]

This is probably the easiest way fast track yourself to Legend ranked play. There's some really powerful and REALLY expensive Reno decks doing the rounds right now, making the most of a couple of new legendaries. And thanks to pro player and streamer Savjz this holy information has gone public.

They're basically the swiss army knife of Hearthstone at the moment and are able to adapt and compete against almost every other deck. Both the Warlock, priest and Mage versions are powerful, but we give the Warlock one a slight edge because of the endurance Lord Jaraxxus brings to the table in combination with a ton of board clears.

Learn To Love Green

And this is not even its final form! [Credit: DeludedTroll]
And this is not even its final form! [Credit: DeludedTroll]

The Jade cards have introduced an interesting mechanic to the game which is extremely powerful with the right set up. Basically, a bunch of the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards summon Jade Golems — bland minions that increase in power depending on how many golems have been summoned previously.

Shaman and Druid decks are able to utilize the Jade cards since they've got some powerful class cards to produce more golems. The Jade Druid deck is terrifying and spins out of control very quickly with Innervate and Wild Growth at its disposal, and Jade Shaman is a buffed version of the old midrange shaman. The combination of Tunnel Trogg and Jade Claws in the early game is ridiculous.

Enjoy Priest While It Lasts

Anduin. The holy unity between 90's Aaron Carter and Leonardo DiCaprio. [Credit: Blizzard]
Anduin. The holy unity between 90's Aaron Carter and Leonardo DiCaprio. [Credit: Blizzard]

The time has come, friends. The troubled and youngest member of the Hearthstone family is finally able to compete with the big boys in a stable way. And he enters the competitive scene riding a roaring dragon.

The dragon priest has been a thing on the sideline for a long time, but with a bunch of new cards the deck has gone from gimmicky to rock solid. As always with priest, the deck has a pretty steep learning curve and you definitely need to think twice about most of your choices when playing it.

Do that and be patient while Kabal Talonpriest, Dragonfire Potion and Drakonid Operative do the heavy lifting, and you'll go straight to the halls of Valhalla.

Surrender To Earrings And Bandanas

In return for your soul, Patches will let you win. Video credit to ZeroMana.

It's easy, it's fun and it's somewhat cheap. Use whatever argument you can to justify yourself taking the easy way out, putting on the black hat and joining the dark side.

Patches the Pirate is here to stay, and as a weapon wielding class you'll probably be tempted to try him out at some point. Plus, everything goes on the way to Legend.

As a rogue you can have a blast with the new Small—Time Buccaneer and do both a aggro and a miracle pirate deck, which can carry you to Legend. As a warrior you'll wreck faces in all ranks with Upgrade!, Bloodsail Cultist and the good ol' win axe.

As a Paladin or a Shaman it's a bit more complicated to make it work. But we're sure there's a way somehow.

As always, we think the most important thing while climbing the ladder is to adapt to the decks you're facing. Do you have any tips of you own? And how do you plan on reaching Legend this month?


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