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is almost upon us, and you might be wondering which version to drop your hard earned cash on. While both games largely follow the same plot, there are some important differences between versions.

Discover the Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon:

For example, the time of day in Pokémon Sun corresponds to the time on your 3DS—when it's daytime in real life, it's also daytime in the game. However, Pokémon Moon is set 12 hours ahead of your system time—so if you're playing during the day, it will be nighttime in the game world.

But the most significant differences for most players will be the exclusive Pokémon for each title. These Pokémon will only be available to players of the sister title through trading. For example, if you have Pokémon Sun and you want to get your hands on Lunala, you'll have to trade with a Pokémon Moon player.

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Pokémon Sun Exclusives:

Solgaleo (Legendary)

  • Type - Psychic/Steel
  • Ability - Full Metal Body
  • Special Move - Sunsteel Strike
  • Special Form - Radiant Sun

UB-02 Absorption (Ultra Beast)


  • Category - Teamwork Pokemon
  • Type - Fighting
  • Ability - Receiver

Midday Form Lycanroc (Rockruff Evolution)

  • Category - Wolf Pokémon
  • Type - Rock
  • Ability - Keen Eye / Sand Rush

Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails

  • Category - Fox Pokémon
  • Type - Ice -> Ice/Fairy
  • Ability - Snow Cloak


  • Category - Blast Turtle Pokémon
  • Type - Fire/Dragon
  • Ability - Shell Armor

Pokémon Moon Exclusives:

Lunala (Legendary)

  • Type - Psychic/Ghost
  • Ability - Shadow Shield
  • Special Move - Moongeist Beam
  • Special Form - Full Moon

UB-02 Beauty (Ultra Beast)


  • Category - Sage Pokémon
  • Type - Normal/Psychic
  • Ability - Inner Focus / Telepathy

Midnight Form Lycanroc (Rockruff Evolution)

  • Category - Wolf Pokémon
  • Type - Rock
  • Ability - Keen Eye / Vital Spirit

Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash

  • Category - Mouse Pokémon
  • Type - Ice/Steel
  • Ability - Snow Cloak


  • Category - Placid Pokémon
  • Type - Normal/Dragon
  • Ability - Berserk / Sap Sipper

Clear as Night and Day

Plan your purchase carefully according to your favorite Pokémon (or preferred sleep schedule). The different aesthetics and abilities will mean a distinct experience according to which game version you go for, and it'll be good to ask your friends what their preference is too so that you can plan to trade!


So which Pokémon version will you go for?


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