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Final Fantasy XV has a ton of content and some great secrets hidden in the game world. And the fun doesn't stop when you finish the game. One secret that players can obtain after completing the main story of Final Fantasy XV is the the flying Regalia Type-F.

The Regalia Type-F is a modification to your regular vehicle that allows the user to fly their car through the open world of Final Fantasy XV. This isn't your grandaddy's traditional Final Fantasy airship, though.

See FF15's Amazing Regalia Type F In Action:

Although impressive, the Regalia Type F is an entirely optional piece of game content, and won't be handed to you on a plate. You could easily miss your flying car if you're just playing through the story.

How to get the Regalia Type F in Final Fantasy 15

FFXV Regalia Type F [Square Enix]
FFXV Regalia Type F [Square Enix]

To obtain the Regalia Type F in on or , you first must have completed the game (as in, progressed through 14 chapters and defeated the final boss).

Once you've completed the game, you're still able to access the game world via Umbra and complete sidequests as well as unlock additional rewards, including that sweet flying car upgrade. So when you're done with the main story, take the following steps:

1. Infiltrate the Formouth Garrison in Leide

FFXV Scoping out the Garrison [Square Enix]
FFXV Scoping out the Garrison [Square Enix]
  • Upon approaching the Garrison you’ll see a new side quest called 'Formouth Garrison' pop up.
  • This quest is actually available from chapter 8 but the enemies are level 50+, so it is recommended to do this once you have beaten the game and reached the high levels. (Regalia Type-F will remain unavailable until after the the story is completed, even if you do this early).
  • After finishing the Formouth Garrison you’ll receive an item 'Strange Engine'. This triggers a new side quest, 'Into Unknown Frontiers'.

2. Deliver Parts to Cindy

FFXV's Cindy checks out the Regalia [Credit: Square Enix]
FFXV's Cindy checks out the Regalia [Credit: Square Enix]
  • Go to Cindy at the Hammerhead outpost, and hand over the Strange Engine as well as the Warped Wings (from the Garrison in Chapter 5), and the Unstable Stabilizer (from the Garrison in Chapter 6).
  • The Warped Wings and the Unstable Stabilizer are earned automatically during the main quest, so you should already have them.
  • This completes the 'Into Unknown Frontiers' side quest, and Cindy will upgrade your vehicle and enable you to fly.
  • Take to the skies! There's also an Achievement/Trophy unlock for this called 'Regalia Pilot'


Flying Car or Old School Airship?

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