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Niantic do try, God love them. They've released several updates for since the mobile sensation was released, some of which fans really enjoyed! Others... not so much. The latest update for the game is a bit of a mixed bag.

Niantic promised a great deal of things for players which would help keep things fresh, exciting and more inclusive. But the latest Pokemon GO update seems to have hidden features within its code that fans were not aware of.

These features have upset a lot of people.

Fans Want New Pokemon Update to GO Away...

Is this how I delete the update?
Is this how I delete the update?

There are two main areas of the game that have seen dramatic changes in this latest patch—both of which have attracted controversy. The first of the two is...


The biggest change in this regard comes after a player defeats a gym. Niantic wanted to ensure that players had a more concrete chance of overtaking these landmarks once toppling the dominant player. This was designed to remove the possibility of a sneaky stranger or random player claiming the gym for themselves after you've done all the hard work. Seems like a really good idea, no? Who wants gyms stolen from them!

However, the prestige level of the gym you take will decrease by a rather substantial amount once its defeated. This is designed to enable lower level players to have a shot at taking a gym that was otherwise out of their reach. But, of course, this means that it'll be a lot easier for someone to claim your prize shortly after you've obtained it.

Additionally, players will earn less clout when training against gyms of the same team. So, while this strategy caters towards the casual gamer, those who play a lot of Pokemon GO are being left out in the cold.

But... but... what about me?
But... but... what about me?


The other area that has frustrated players involves automobiles, otherwise known as 'cars'. Niantic has attempted to fix the issue of people using Pokemon GO while driving—though some people never learn. The update was supposed to ask players whether they were driving or a passenger, so that the app could differentiate between the two and disable use for drivers over certain speeds. However, the app is now restricting access to everyone regardless of whether they're driving or just chilling in the backseat.

Players are claiming that they can no longer collect items while in cars, regardless of speed. While you can understand that this was introduced to discourage drivers from using the app at all once behind the wheel, with the weather getting colder players are being forced inside. Now the warmth of the car offers no opportunities for the capturing of mons or items. Hell, even those who take public transport to work won't be able to play the game on their commute! It's not ideal and...

Players Ain't Happy

We're taking names!!
We're taking names!!

"Niantic's been making questionable decisions for awhile now that have been impacting our ability to play and enjoy the game,” wrote zslayer89, a moderator on the Pokémon Go forum. “No decent tracking, no sighting while being a passenger, blocking all rooters and jail break users, push notifications begging us to play but now they speed locked the poke stops!”

zslayer's voice is one of many. It's clear that there are some dedicated fans of this game who genuinely want it to do well. But devoted players haven't been feeling the love from Niantic as of late.

“The pokemon speed cap was bad, but what the HELL,” added Blur93. “It is also perfect time for this decision to be made, because of course now is the time we will all be outside walking around in our pokestop filled cities right!!?? I really don't see why they are trying so hard to kill this damn amazing game.”

Will the update impact on your enjoyment of Pokemon Go?

Where do you stand on the new updates from Niantic? Will your commute to work, school or college be disrupted? Has the new gym system frustrated you?


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