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Hey Trump, Agent 47 called. He wants his trademark look back.

In the fifth episode of Hitman, set in rural Colorado, there is a satirical easter egg than can be found if the player listens to a conversation between two guards. It's a conversation that no doubt echoes countless more taking place around the country right now.

This pair of grunts are having a strong disagreement over the merits of a certain presidential candidate. No names mentioned, but it's not at all hard to figure out who they're talking about.

Yeah, I think I know the one.
Yeah, I think I know the one.

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The pro-Trump guard comes with just a pinch of intended irony, praising the candidate as 'well-composed, with such a fine, academic way to use his arguments, flanked with well-researched facts and figures.'

Check out the whole conversation below. The other guard begs to differ, and it goes about as well as you'd expect from there:

Now Loading's political editor, a position created about 5 seconds ago to address this potential scandal, was unable to contact Trump's campaign for an official statement. The Orange Overlord might be a little intimidated, after our devastating takedown of his video game industry skillz. As the run up to the election intensifies, keep an eye out and ears peeled for more sly nuggets of political commentary in future episodes.


Is guard 1 in need of professional help?


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