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When Microsoft first touted the idea of a fancy headset that overlays interactive images and animations onto objects in the real world—whilst VR promised to take us to entirely new worlds and cause a storm in the underwear of the affluent—it seemed like a pretty dope idea. On paper, at least.

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Holograms and interactive projection, no matter how old the ideas, are still slated as some of the most futuristic technologies yet to find their way into the major consumer market. Yes there might be a novelty projection on display in your local cinema or whatnot, but how could this augmented reality tech feasibly end up in today's games?

Dev Creates 'Portal' For HoloLens, Proves There's Still Beauty In The World

Cooked up by Kenny W (who you might remember from this amazing AR Pokémon game), this immense undertaking shows off the world of incredible interaction we could have if AR actually comes to pass.

Kenny W's take on Valve's seminal Portal brings the game's signature companion cube and portals to any surface in the real world as the gif above shows to eye-wateringly awesome effect. It's totally rain. Yes, th-that's rain... on my face, not tears of joy. Watch this video of Portal AR in action and try and stop your face from getting damp.

Able to interact with the AR portals and physical surfaces like walls, floors, and stairwells, this test has opened my mind to a whole new possibility of gaming and boundless opportunity. Like...

Turning (Actual) Windows Into 8-Bit Platformer Levels

Shovel Knight [Credit: Sean Velasco]
Shovel Knight [Credit: Sean Velasco]

Imagine sat on a train or coach for an extended amount of time, bored out of your mind as you watch trees, fields and the occasional lamp post sprint past your window. Well, now you'll never have to as HoloLens could be the perfect companion for a long-ass journey.

Pop it on, boot up your favorite throwback 8-bit side-scroller and stare at the window as you get your favorite sprite jumping, leaping and gamboling around its game world.

Practicing Surgery In AR

[Credit: Bossa Studios UK]
[Credit: Bossa Studios UK]

The same could be said for VR too, but there's something inexplicably cooler about overlaying an interactive image onto a real object. Future surgeons could have the possibility to delve into the digital flesh of the patient in AR, and fiddle about in innards to trial life-saving surgeries, or just to pass an exam. You know?

That's just two ideas man, HoloLens has infinite ways of being a valuable format to have in the home, for communication, education, recreation and other such nouns that end in tion. I hope this Portal mod is just the beginning of something beautiful.

What about you? How would you love to see Microsoft's HoloLens used?

[Source: KennyWdev/YouTube]


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