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If you haven't heard, Nintendo are out to make us cry nostalgic tears with the release of the NES Classic Edition later this year, a mini console that's set to unleash 30 classic titles upon us—all of which are amazing—in one convenient box. Merci beaucoup.

But it seems that one gamer couldn't wait. In fact, they were so impatient they've gone a step further; a whole generation, in fact.

Guy Makes Mini SNES Out Of Clay, Refuses To Make Me One

Made by Hugo "lyberty5" Dorison, this home project is a concoction of a Raspberry Pi Zero, a USB hub and a clay outer shell. Once all of these components were assembled, Hugo then moulded, carved and painted the case to look like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And of course, he made sure it played all of the console's greatest games. It's, like, really impressive.

For those of you that can't watch the video, let's break this masterpiece DOWN.

Step One: Make A Case

Here you can see Hugo using a saw to form the shape for the case, which will hold the Raspberry Pie. I mean Pi...

Step Two: Glue That Stuff

Once the shape of the walls were cut out, Hugo then glued them together. Simple.

Step Three: Get Out The Clay

Once the case was formed, it was time to get out the clay!

Hugo encased the... case... in clay in order to shape the exterior, allowing him to create a mould for the SNES design.

Step Four: Make Sure It Holds

Here you can see the holes for screws being installed, which was followed by inserting other plastic requirements. Once all of this was complete, it was on to the looks.

Step Five: Get The Paint Out

After smoothing out the clay and ensuring the exterior was flat, Hugo then spray-painted his creation to make things a little prettier.

Step Six: Make Some Holes

With the case all smooth and white, Hugo decided to poke some holes in it. Here you can see him creating vents on the side of the mini SNES so that it didn't overheat. Imagine seeing your console literally melt before your eyes. He also created ports so that the user could connect USBs and power cables to the little guy.

Step Seven: Give It The Nintendo Touch

Next up, Hugo created that classic SNES look by painting the exterior. Once that was done though, it was what was inside that counted.

Step Eight: Add The Wires

Hugo then soldered connections onto the Raspberry, most of which was done to save space. It's here that all of the games would be stored. He also installed the charging cable, the usb connectors and the receiver for the external monitor. Seriously people, he crammed a surprising amount of stuff into this little SNES:

Once all of the connections were in their respective places, it was time to see if his hard work payed off.

Step Nine: Hook It Up To Your TV

Look at how beautiful that thing is!

So, once everything was inside and complete, Hugo simply connected the SNES to his TV.

Step Ten: Enjoy Some Amazing Games

I want this. So much.

How much would you pay for this mini clay SNES?


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