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PC and console gamers have always been divided for many various reasons. One of the main points of contention is the method of play between the two platforms. Many console gamers consider the point and click style gameplay used on PCs as the less skilled, more easily applied option. players might look down on or players for their more cumbersome controllers... Now you’ve done it, already both sides are frantically forming their arguments on what constitutes real gaming skill – nice one bruva!

Before we go down that rabbit hole, let me quickly say that the level of skills required is relative for both camps.

What happens though, when the distinction becomes muddied with products like the Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro, which mergers PC gaming onto a console platform?

Is It Considered Cheating to Use A Mouse and Keyboard On Consoles?

For consoles, the introduction of Xbox Elite controllers and other similar ‘pro controllers’ is readily in use with no discerning backlash regarding unfair assistance. The main and obvious reason is the fact that it’s still a console controller at its core.

With mouse and keyboards on the other hand, the customization and point and click precision is not consider to be on equal terms.

The problem with having both on a console that has always predominately used controllers is the perception of one party moving beyond the unsaid gentlemen’s agreement of what is considered fair. Even though the majority of console gamers are not professional players, you would be hard pressed convincing them otherwise in any first person shooter game.

That is obviously one side of the fence, but on the other remains the view that if a product is made for console, adds to the overall experience and gives that players an edge – why can’t I just use it?

Gamers have always wanted an advantage in multiplayer gaming, but –unlike actual professional leagues and sports– any advancement does not require that all gamers conform to an industry standard. It would be great if everyone were contained within the same parameters allowing for ‘like for like’ competitive gameplay – but seriously that’s the only reason.

When a glitch or exploit appears in a game to the players advantage, it is enlightening how that opportunity is seized upon immediately with no second thought. If it’s available to be done within the mechanics of the game, then it’s considered all fair in love and war. Games like Destiny are famous for players finding unique ways to overcome challenges in the game, with most taking pride in outwitting the developers.

Why then is it considered cheating to use the most advantageous tools available such as the Hori?

Does That Mean PC Gaming Is Easier And More Accurate?

Many PC gamers do find the switch back to console controls hard at first, and in that regard, maybe PC gaming often feels more accurate. The limited customization and style of movement is completely different between the two, and for console gamers, that is their whole point. The time and skill required to master a controller is considered more challenging to acquire, and because of that major difference, console gamers remain steadfast in their opinion to retain bragging rights as being the more skilled gamers.

PC gamers will genuinely oppose such views when considering how successful esports are on their platform. There is no way top PC gamers are anything less than accomplished esportspeople in their chosen events. Unfortunately, to have any way to pair either party against each other would require equal tools of trade, and I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

The Competition Will Only Continue

There will be more and more playoffs across platforms, which will provide a showdown of styles similar to Ip Man defending his style of Chinese Kung Fu against the endless cycle of battles for respect and betterment. In the end, the divide on who is right will not be resolved categorically until there is a standard between the two.

For consoles specifically, any gamer who chooses to use a keyboard and mouse will not be considered a 'true' console gamer anytime soon. It just does not sit well for console gamers. Most console purists would not convert to any alternative based on principle alone. Whether that principle is more based on the ongoing grudge between the two platforms is another matter.

Gamers are a funny bunch that’s for sure, there is so much passion and history that fundamentally forms the foundation of our industry. Many views are set in stone and appear they will never change. Admittedly, I can’t even say whether I would use a mouse and keyboard on a console. I know I too should be saying never say never – in reality though only time will tell.

Do you consider the Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro to be cheating on console?


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