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Jak and Daxter. Ratchet and Clank. Crash Bandicoot. Spyro the Dragon. Sly Cooper. Lara Croft. Kratos. Big Boss. What do all these character have in common? They are all PlayStation icons. Sony is preparing to add one more name to the list of greats to make its way onto the legendary platform, with the introduction of Horizon Zero Dawn heroine Aloy.

From the beginning of development in 2011, as a character has been treated with great care by developer Guerrilla Games. Indeed, the devs described the character as one of the three pillars the game will be built upon, the other two being the environment and the machines, both of which are beautiful rendering of the care taken with this game.

Guerrilla Games stopped at nothing to make sure the environment and its inhabitants were stunning. The same attention to detail was given to Aloy, all the way down to the voice talent. Fans of the award-winning Life is Strange will be pleased to know that Ashley Burch, the voice of secondary lead Chloe Price, has lent her pipes to Aloy. Burch gives a great performance throughout the entirety of 's story, with her sparkling personality truly bringing Aloy to life. That is precisely the same type of love that went into the incredibly popular Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series.

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Aloy Feels

Aloy benefits from being the main character in a very unique game while also being very unique in her own right. Looking across the landscape of the gaming industry, there are few great titles that feature a strong female lead. While we do live in a world where Tomb Raider exists — and let's not forget the aforementioned Life is Strange and the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, with Ellie as the new lead — these games are few, so any new IP that features a strong female is a breath of fresh air.

To see Aloy in the beautiful universe that's been created for players to explore, it becomes increasingly clear that she is meant to be there. Her design is one that fits right into the motif of the world — a world that no longer belongs to man but to nature, a world that puts humans back in the days of hunting and gathering, only this time with robots. It's clear wanted to give its players a unique experience with a new character in a new landscape, and it appears the developers have succeeded in doing just that.

From the large, open-world environment to the fully realized main character, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that has the potential to make its mark in 2017.

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