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Sony Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games just released the new story trailer for the upcoming exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. The game releases February 28, and charges players with the task of navigating a post-human Earth where robotic dinosaurs walk the land and sleep in the husks of decaying skyscrapers.

Horizon is a refreshing new IP in a barrage of sequels of spiritual successors and you can watch the trailer below.

The Story Trailer Reveal

In this trailer we now learn more about the central antagonists of the story, a mysterious masked tribe attempting to corrupt and bend the machines to their will. We also see several new friendly faces, locations, and enormous robotic baddies to tangle with along with hints and teases of Aloy's personal quest to discover how humanity got to this point in the first place.

This Comes At A Good Time For Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn has been making headlines since it was first revealed at 2015, and won several 'best in show' awards at E3 2016 when fans and press finally got their hands on it. As someone who managed to snag a controller at the event, I can confidently say the awards were warranted based on the gameplay demo.

However, this comes at a particularly savage moment. Just recently, another refreshing new IP, the Xbox One exclusive title 'Scalebound' was cancelled much to owners' chagrin.

Many PS4 fans are taking the opportunity to taunt frustrated owners. It ain't pretty.

Whether the timing was intentional by or not, the reveal of a gorgeous new game trailer for one console in the wake of the cancelation of another game for a rival console represents, frankly, a stark contrast.

Regardless, many are trying to remain positive and are looking forward to one of 2017's most anticipated titles.

While executives are confident that 2017 will be a great year for Xbox exclusive games, the year is starting off with a sour note for fans who may be wishing they got a PS4 for the holidays.


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