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While P.T., aka the teaser for Silent Hills, may have been sadly stricken from the PSN store, it lives on in the massive influence it's had on horror creators since its release. From indie releases to Resident Evil 7, the game has left its mark.

But around a month ago, a terrifying and mysterious little video appeared online, entitled only My House Walk Through, that seemed a little familiar. The video seems to be the work of one unconventional fan to recreate the feeling of in real life using completely practical effects. Check it out below, but be warned, it's seriously spooky:

This Horror Short Is Too P.T. To Handle

Not much is known about the elusive creator, who goes by nana825763 on YouTube and PiroPito on Twitter, what we do know is they're a gamer, an avid player and have some serious dedication to their craft. To create the effects for the final sequence of this horrifying short, they spent three days covering the disused apartment in red crepe paper.

They also created all of the props by hand, including warping and weathering the photos that appear along the walls in the short film.

In between tweets about their amazing and slightly insane projects, PiroPito mostly seems to post pictures of food, especially root vegetables.

Lots and lots of root vegetables.

The question we're all asking now of course is, when is some studio going to team up with this elusive genius and make the creepiest game of all time? Come on Kojima, lets forget about Mads Mikkelsen and get this person a job.

Do you have any info about the mysterious creator of the video? Have you found your own horror film to share? Let us know in the comments.


Would you like to see PiroPito work on a horror game?


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