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Yes, you read that headline correctly. is coming to Rocket League as part of a brand new premium DLC offering.

Launching on February 21st, players will be able to select from two famous Hot Wheels cars: the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker and the Twin Mill III. Each car comes with wheels and six Hot Wheels decals to customize your cars. You can catch the cars in action in developer Psyonix's trailer for the upcoming DLC.

Each car will be sold separately, with GameSpot reporting that each car will cost $2. That's pretty standard for Rocket League DLC: the Back to the Future pack and the Batman v Superman pack on Steam both cost $1.99, for example. Of course, with two cars on the roster, it looks like customers will have to put down $4 to own the full Hot Wheels set. But for Hot Wheels fans, the price may be worth it to see some of their favorite cars in motion.

Why Hot Wheels?

Psyonix isn't a stranger to adding licensed DLC into their car-based soccer video game. Along with the Back to the Feature pack and Batman v Superman pack, Psyonix also released a pack of NBA flags for $1.99 on Steam.

Fans love the licensed DLC, too. One Rocket League player, XenoBurger, wrote the Back to the Future pack is "Dirt cheap and looks amazing! These devs know how to make DLC. This is how you do it Overkill," taking a jab at the PAYDAY 2 developer. And while some wished the pack had more customization options, they overall loved the level of detail and immersion that the pack introduced. Fans feel Psyonix releases solid DLC, hence why the developer keeps adding additional car packs to the game.

But why the Hot Wheels brand? For one, Hot Wheels has a long legacy in video gaming. Since the game Hot Wheels came out on the Commodore 64 in 1984, a variety of Hot Wheels games have been developed, including Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver, Hot Wheels: Crash!, Hot Wheels Micro Racers, and the online multiplayer game Planet Hot Wheels. While many of these games were received with mixed reviews, there's still a nostalgia factor at play: many '90s and '80s kids fondly remember owning some form of Hot Wheels video game in their youth.

More importantly, Hot Wheels was (and still is) an immensely popular toy brand among kids and teens. Rocket League's trailer plays on that idea by showing off the iconic orange tracks being rode by the cars featured in the upcoming DLC. Nostalgia is a huge factor into Psyonix's upcoming release, as it always has: Batman, the NBA, and the Back to the Future franchise also have major pull thanks to their iconic value.

GameSpot also notes that players will have a chance to grab a Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper via loot drops, so Psyonix is definitely encouraging Rocket League fans to engage with the brand. Plus, Zag Toys are producing pull-back race cars based on Rocket League's iconic cars, so Psyonix is eager to merge the world between real-life model cars and in-game model car soccer.

With the Hot Wheels pack coming up later this month, we're eager to see what other DLC packs Psyonix have in store. Mark your calendars for February 21st -- and expect to see a lot of Hot Wheels cars flying around the Rocket League field during the second half of the month.

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