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Opinions about games are of course subjective, though there's no denying there are inherently good and bad games. In the case of the Resident Evil series, fans and critics clearly have their favorites, so how does the latest game compare?

Let's take a look at the early reviews for Resident Evil 7 and try to gauge where people are pitching it in comparison to the other RE titles!

Reception of 'Resident Evil 7'


You'll struggle to find someone arguing Resident Evil 7 isn't as good as the previous numbered title, since Resident Evil 6 was considered to be a failure by almost everyone (though the sales figures wouldn't suggest it), but a lot of critics are saying it's the best of the series in a long time.


Although a lot of fans agree with the mostly positive critical consensus, there are a fair few that are simply outraged at the idea of first-person gameplay in a Resident Evil game, and the apparent fact that they're not using previous characters. How dare you, Capcom! Everyone knows change is bad!

First-Person = Immediately Junk Game
First-Person = Immediately Junk Game
Worst. Review. Ever.
Worst. Review. Ever.


While critics praise Capcom's return to the roots of the first few games in the series, some fans seem to be arguing that they're straying away. Perhaps Resident Evil means different things to each of them.

Those that have played the original game will likely notice a familiar setting and playstyle despite the new camera perspective. Fans of the later games may be questioning the puzzles and lack of combative ability.

Is It Considered Better Than The Older Games?

It's pretty hard to compare a 2017 release against games that were out around twenty years ago, but we can safely say that it's looking better than Resident Evil 5 & 6.

The fourth numbered game is considered one of the best in the series and the 2005 release date doesn't make it too dated, but then we have two fairly different styles of games that we're comparing.

As you can see things get tricky when trying to evaluate games in the Resident Evil series.

If we take critical acclaim and cultural impact into account, I'd argue that Resident Evil 7 can't quite match up to the original game nor Resident Evil 4. Both made a huge impact in the video game world and there aren't any signs of the latest game being all that original or genre-defining.

However, there is a lot of praise to be found for how well Resident Evil 7 takes on the classic haunted house without needing a hefty load of originality. There's a reason the 'classics' are what they are, so being able to create a solid game faithfully within the confines of a genre is impressive and appreciated.

All in it all, it seems Resident Evil 7 is solidifying a place near the top of the series favorites, though it's not quite knocking off the best in the hearts of fans or the minds of critics.

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What are your thoughts on Resident Evil 7? Where does it stand on your list of best Resident Evil games? Let me know in the comments below!

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