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I am sure you would agree that the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie has people once again dancing their way around the kitchen floor with renewed enthusiasm and excitement for cyberpunk. Finally, cinematic hocus pocus has progressed enough to bring this epic movie to life like never before.

The problem with all this excitement is the feeling that maybe - we were born just a little too early. Admittedly, I am assuming we are all on the same page here, because why wouldn’t people want the opportunity to have a cyber-brain and become a cyborg?

It All Started With Pong

To communicate solely by interfacing your mind with a computer, once would have been considered science-fiction. Now however, a woman really can communicate via an implant in her brain. This amazing breakthrough has allowed a paralyzed women to once again speak using only her thoughts.

What I love most about this story from New Scientist, is that she practiced by playing video games.

After multiple training sessions, which involved using the device to play games such as whack-a-mole and Pong, as well as to spell words, the woman learned to control the device by imagining moving her hand to trigger a click.

The implications of this technology for the severely disabled has so many positive benefits. The seemingly simple ability to communicate with your friends and family is taken for granted for the most of us. To speak once again, must be such a feeling of absolute freedom and relief.

Will We Be Cyborgs In Our Lifetime?

The possibilities of other cybernetic adaptations to our biological physiology will only continue to progress. The Idea of human interaction with technology both mentally and physically appeals to the cyberpunk in all of us. Unfortunately, the ability to traverse up the outside of buildings just isn’t quite at our fingertips.

The limitations of our physical self has allows been overcome by our imagination to dream of fantastic characters that transcend what we know to be true. Ghost in the Shell is a reality where through innovation and development, the human form differentiates itself from being purely organic, to something mechanical and virtual.

One Full Body Cyborg Prosthesis Please

I don’t you know what you were doing in ‘90s, but I was either sweating my arse off on the dance floor at illegal raves, playing video games or watching manga movies like Akira, Ninja Scroll and, of course, Ghost in the Shell.

Back then it seemed pure fantasy that a reality such as Ghost in the Shell could ever be seen with my own eyes. Move forward just over 20 years since Ghost in the Shell’s debut, and the probability has shifted greatly.

I no longer go to rave parties (seriously, who wants to be that old guy in the corner?) but the idea that just maybe when I am old and grey, I could stand up with ease on my cybernetic legs to shuffle with the grandkids - is an appealing one.

Source: New Scientist

If you could place your order now, what cybernetic prosthesis would you choose?


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