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Ever wanted to create your own masterpiece game but had no idea where to start? It's a thought I'm sure many of us has entertained. Well, one person has buckled down and done just that with Dungeon Guild. Commander Brody, developer of said game, was just another office worker like anyone else, in a dull job that wasn't challenging his potential and creativity.

So how did he come to create one of the most challenging and in-depth indie games to come out in recent memory? That's where the amazing story lies.

The story

In 2004, a gentleman named "Alandale" wrote a Dungeon Master clone for his thesis in computer science at the University of Pittsburgh. A little later he released the Java code for other people to pick up and enjoy or improve on. There were many people to take their attempts at it but one person stood out, "Solito." Seeing as the code was in need of improvement due to bugs and missing features, he began reworking and adding to it between 2006-2013. In 2013 the website went silent and they quit updating it. That's were developer Commander Brody came in to save the day.

The months went by before Brody realized he was the one to jump in and finish it, although it wasn't going to stay a Dungeon Master clone, he had his own ideas and plans for it. Not having any java experience was going to be the toughest part of this endeavor but he was determined. The first test was adding mini games to the main game, here's what Brody had to say about his solution.

This first test showed me it was possible to have java interact with a visual basic mini game and vice versa. This will sound weird but, when you launch a mini game inside Dungeon Guild what is actually happening is, the Java game secretly places codes for the visual basic mini games to pick up and respond to.

The two separate programs are interacting with each other by passing messages to each other. This had to be created because I don't have access yet to the main game loop which contains over 40,000 lines of code. I have access only to the smaller less important classes. So far I have been unable to get in contact with the person who improved the code, which is why I have had to decompile the classes in order to get access to the java.

There are 121 class files in total and I have gained access to about 20% of them so far. The more access I gain the more features can be added to the final product.

Through this process he was able to add numerous mini games like Dungeon Poker, Dungeon Slots, Reactor Control Panel, Vendo 9500, Code Cracker panel and the Universal Translation device. Other additions since include the games' ability to communicate with the website, graphical improvements, a mission/objectives system, interface disruptions, scoring and custom in game puzzle creation.

All of these were added, one by one, with the determination of a single man wanting to see his dream come to life!

The game

Dungeon Guild blends together first person tactical sci-fi RPG game with real time combat and challenging puzzles. Say that three times fast! This is done beautifully though and the game seams together, adding the best parts of each genre. Dungeon Guild may not be ideal to the masses but is created for the fans of unusual and unique games. This is perhaps its biggest strength as the developer is self financed and in complete control of his product and the freedom of creativity.

As for the graphics, it may not be the most appealing, but it makes up for it in complexity and intelligence.

For example, players must learn to balance their food and water rations while adventuring, overcome interface breakdowns, decrypting messages, repairing the reactor before it overloads, gathering treasure, battling bizarre aliens and dungeon dwellers while managing to learn secret spells to aid them on their adventure. - Brody

Dungeon Guild perfectly combines each genre as you can see. The game challenges players to think about the choices they make, and their implications. It is a perfect game for any gamer as well! The learning curve is steady, it's free, and it offers something for any player! Commander Brody has been completely devoted himself and his time to creating something unique and that will stand the test of time like other classics Dungeons & Dragons and Might & Magic.

If you admire Commander Brody's work and wish to congratulate him or offer suggestions you can easily e-mail him at [email protected]! He is more than happy to respond to players and or fans and is currently researching for his next game!

Dungeon Guild is an immersive, hand crafted adventure that is sure to challenge and entertain you. This is more than just a video game, it's the declaration of one man's hard work and passion.

Name: Dungeon Guild

Creator: Dungeon Treasure

Genre: First person tactical sci-fi RPG

Platforms: PC

Release Date: Out now

Have you played Dungeon Guild yet? If you have let us know of your challenge in the comments below!


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