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There's a Facebook post floating around suggesting that BioWare cancelled Mass Effect: Andromeda's planned single-player DLC. According to BioWare's official sources, that's just not true. The game's DLC wasn't cancelled; there was just no plans for DLC, period.

But then, in a strange turn of events, Kotaku confirmed with three anonymous BioWare sources that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be receiving single-player DLC. Between Andromeda's poor sales, and the fact that most of the BioWare Montreal team has moved on to work on other BioWare projects, BioWare decided to shelve any single-player DLC plans. And they also shelved an Andromeda sequel, too.

So, even though the Facebook post was a total hoax, "fake news" if you will, it turned out to actually be true.

That's a major shame. As Kotaku's Jason Schreier points out, the Mass Effect series has traditionally pushed out major DLC releases for their games, keeping content fresh while engaging players in new quests to explore. This doesn't seem to be the case with . Instead, BioWare clearly wants to cut their losses and move on.

Which is bad news in the long-term. At this rate, Mass Effect's legacy hangs in the balance. Because at this rate, it looks like BioWare won't be touching the space-faring series any time soon.

OK, Now Mass Effect's Future Looks Grim

Let's not beat around the bush. Andromeda is not a great video game. But it's also not a terrible one. As one GameFAQs advice thread reveals, many fans actually really enjoyed the game. They didn't enjoy it as much as the rest of the series, sure. And it can't hold a candle to Mass Effect 2. But as a standalone game, it ain't too shabby.

So, for Andromeda fans who felt attached to the story's characters, the news comes as a massive let down. There won't be a sequel, and there won't even be an expansion of the current game as it stands. Andromeda is thoroughly finished, and its story arc ended with its first game. Clearly, that wasn't what BioWare Montreal had in mind, but it's the reality that fans will have to face.

Here's the real shame, though. BioWare had the opportunity to redeem Andromeda through a sweeping expansion pack or massive DLC add-ons. In the age of season passes and DLC packs, this downloadble content could have saved Andromeda from an otherwise mediocre existence. But now, there won't be any DLC that makes the game more entertaining. Mass Effect: Andromeda is all fans will be getting for the next couple years. And it may very well be the last Mass Effect game during the current console generation.

It's pretty clear why BioWare is shelving content for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Beside the fact that BioWare Montreal's staff has largely been reassigned to other BioWare projects, it seems that both and want players to forget about Andromeda and its legacy. Focusing too heavily on the game may sour the Mass Effect franchise in players' heads. EA would rather have fans write off Andromeda as a misstep than watch the game grow with .

Which makes sense. may not be as bad as some games, but it still isn't nearly as great as its predecessor titles.

Andromeda had an interesting concept behind it, and some fans legitimately liked the game. But Andromeda is done, and it's sad to see. Maybe it's the best option for everyone involved, seeing how troubled the game was from the very start. But for Mass Effect fans, it's just an awkward end to an otherwise solid trilogy.

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