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is one of those franchises that literally everyone has at least heard of. Whether you grew up on the original Red, Blue and Yellow, or are a bit of a late bloomer and your first adventure started in Kalos, everyone can appreciate a good adventure to become the Pokémon League Champion.

Sometimes it's fun to look back and just wonder how exactly this wonderful franchise has managed to stay relevant for so long.

It Set Itself Up For Growth Early

When the very first generation was released, there were only 151 different Pokémon in the Kanto region, with even more to be discovered. 20 years later there are 765 total Pokémon to be discovered between 7 different generations.

The Pokémon games and anime have always set themselves up for growth, and for a game and series of such a magnitude, that alone is what allows it to continue being a driving force for both Nintendo, and video games in general.

It Has A Multitude Of Side-Games

Beyond the Pokémon Blues, Pokémon Platinums, Pokémon Xs, and soon enough Pokémon Suns, there hasn't been a shortage of non-RPG Pokémon titles. From games like Pokémon Pinball to more battle prominent games like Pokkén Tournament or the now almost dead Pokémon Go, Pokémon has grown much further and larger than a simple RPG game with reboots every couple of years.

It has created a population of characters that fans all over the world can recognize and appreciate in multiple mediums, beyond the typical Pokémon titles.

A Successful Anime

Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, and Professor Oak. Four characters that kids - and now adults - could easily recognize. While many other similar games have dived into the anime realm, such as Yo-Kai Watch, Digimon, and Bakugan. None of them have been able to build up the same fan-base as Pokémon, in large part due to the fact that it came first, but it also has continually delivered with interesting characters, good stories, and a fantastic theme song.

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Overall, Pokémon has been around for basically ever, and it doesn't look like the hype train for our favorite pocket monsters is slowing down any time soon!


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