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The Clockwork Soldiers are some of the most intimidating, and quite frankly, most creepy enemies present in . They also require a little bit of skill and a fair bit of luck to take down, which is why it's a good thing they're so complicated to create, otherwise they would be everywhere.


Opening up its back.
Opening up its back.

The Clockworks are able to see in front of them as well as behind, quite literally having eyes in the back of their, er, bodies. So the only viable ways to take them out is to either approach them from the side or from above. But be sure to be quiet, because they will pursue you relentlessly if they do detect you.

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Stun Mines

How... stunning?
How... stunning?

The Stun Mines are a useful tool to stop the Clockworks in their tracks. When a Stun Mine is triggered by one of these mechanical monsters, they will be powered down for about three seconds. During this time you can either retreat a safe distance or get crazy with your sword and hack and slash your way to victory.

Spring Razor

I'm never going outside barefoot again — not that it would help.
I'm never going outside barefoot again — not that it would help.

One of the most lethal types of weapon in , the Spring Razor is capable of tearing apart the metal casing of the Clockwork Soldiers. It takes two Spring Razors to fully eliminate one Clockwork. The first will tear off the metal plating, exposing the vital parts of the mech, and in some cases it can remove the Clockwork’s head (depending where you make contact with the Spring Razor). The second mine triggered by the Clockwork will cause it to blow up, allowing you to go on your way.

Drop Assassinations

Normally the most lethal form of assassination in the game, the drop assassination will not be sufficient by itself in taking down a Clockwork Soldier, rather, it only removes the head of the enemy, which will render it sightless. The solider will stand still and react to any loud sounds. In order to take it down entirely and remain out of harm's way, you will then need to perform another drop assassination.

Go Cray Cray In A Big Way

Headless, one armed and yet it still pursues you.
Headless, one armed and yet it still pursues you.

This is exactly what it sounds like — hacking and slashing like an insane person until either you or the Clockwork is reduced to nothing but scrap. From the back of the soldier you are able to remove the back casing with one or two swings, the front being a bit more resistant to attack. Once the Clockwork's casing is gone, you can either destroy the tank of whale oil that is held there, you could rewire it if you are stealthy enough, or you can even procedurally remove its limbs, rendering it harmless — or armless, as it were. Check out a Clockwork Soldier's death below.

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